A front door is the first thing you see when you come to someone’s house, it’s important you choose well when you’re buying a new one. A door can be the make or break for those thinking of buying your house, because after all, first impressions count. It can significantly change how your home looks and there are a few factors to consider before buying.

Restrictions and Style

Depending on the age of your house you may be restricted as to what you have, for instance if your house is listed there’ll be certain restrictions with style, material and size. It will also need to fit in with the rest of your street, and if you have a traditionally built house, a contemporary door won’t really fit in.

Insulation, Security, Aesthetic Appeal and Guaranteed

Your front door needs to serve several functions, it needs to be able to repel noise, be secure, insulate your home and provide aesthetic appeal from the outside. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to be prepared to spend an appropriate amount on it so you get both a good design and material strength. A door that really works for your home in terms of looks and functionality. It should also come with a guarantee of around 10 years.

Composite Front Doors

is an affordable option for those on a budget, and if you want a traditional look and you’re prepared to spend that little bit more, then wood is the answer. Wood will need to be treated because it’s exposed to the elements, so treat, seal and paint. If you’re after a more contemporary and minimalist feel, then steel or aluminium are good choices.

Front Door Security

You want a door that is secure and composite is often a good choice for this. Solid timber doors offer solid security features too and are quite durable. You can go for a combination of composite and timber with timber core composite doors, and pick a size and design of your liking, one that fits in with your personal style.

Front Door Maintenance

If you do decide on pure timber for your front door, over time it will need re-painting and varnishing more than once, so it’s an investment, but one that will require a certain degree of maintenance over the years. You may also need to purchase a draught excluder for your timber door because they’re not always great in terms of insulation.

Hardwood Front Doors

is another option and is perfect for more traditional homes as it comes with such a luxurious feel to it. Hardwood lasts many years, again it will need regular maintenance as with any timber, but it you may feel it’s worth the investment in time and money.

Always make sure you have good quality locks on your door regardless of which material you use. Your front door is still the way in for potential burglars, so don’t make it easy for them.

The Replacement Door Company – Quality Front Doors

If you’re looking for a quality front door, get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company, customers service is our priority and we have an approachable and friendly team at your disposal.

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If you’ve decided to change your kitchen cabinet doors, then you’ll be trying to decide which ones are right for your kitchen. You’ll want something that fits in with your current style and colour scheme, but with so much choice it’s hard to make your mind up.

There’s certainly a wonderful range of kitchen doors available, and we have a versatile selection here at The Replacement Door Company. If you’re spoilt for choice, and you’re unsure as to which ones are right for you, we’ve put together some handy tips on what to look out for.

Check things out in your own time

It’s better to do some research before you choose your kitchen doors. You need to take the time to check out all the styles available, and you can do this by looking at magazines, in print and online, you won’t have to spend a fortune if you see something you like that’s expensive, just make a note of what you see. Let it inspire you and it might help point you in the direction of something else similar but less expensive. Also visit different showrooms and stores where they sell doors, you can look at the materials and designs to see which ones you think are the right ones for your home. Check which ones are in your price range. It might be a good idea to get hold of some samples. Check out the quality of the material and the finish.


If your house is in a particular style then you’ll want the doors to reflect that. If you have a contemporary home then a classic door is going to look out of place and vice versa. Choose something that will fit in with the rest of your home and complement it rather than something that will look odd and out of place. But if you want to experiment with colour and you think it’ll work, then go for it.


Consider your lifestyle and the type of home you have, do you have lots of children and pets, is it a family orientated home? Then why not have kitchen doors which fit in with that, or if you’re a busy working couple, then perhaps something streamlined and minimal might be a better choice.


This is also something you’ll need to take into consideration. Your budget will determine what you can afford to spend, so set yourself a certain figure that you can go up to and then stick to it. A smaller budget isn’t a problem, because you can still get quality doors that will last, with great style and design.

The Replacement Door Company

Still looking for great kitchen cabinet doors? Why not come to our showrooms and see our versatile range of kitchen cabinet doors, you’re bound to find something that suits your budget and your taste. We’re here to help, so if you have any questions, why not get in touch with us?

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Walnut is one of the most beautiful hardwood’s. It’s durable and elegant and adds style to any room. It’s deep brown colour with heavy grain gives luxurious and classic wood for furnishing anywhere in the house, and it can give a really dramatic look for neutral, minimalist spaces. Here at The Replacement Door Company we love walnut and it’s extremely popular with customers. It’s stylish, elegant, and it comes as no surprise that it’s the kind of wood you’d expect professional interior designers to favour when they’re refurbishing a room.

It’s a wood that’s been used for centuries and it’s been popular for any hundreds of years in homes all over the world. Our walnut internal doors are always popular with customers because they offer durability, functionality and style to every room, whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom.

So, we’ve sung the praises of why we love walnut, but why should you choose walnut internal doors for your home?

Walnut will add warmth to any room, so even if you do have white walls and minimalist furniture, the wood will add an element of cosiness, especially in winter. It’s the perfect wood for light colours too so there’s both light and dark and it’s flexible in that it looks equally good with contemporary interiors or classic.

So, if you have contemporary interiors how can walnut internal doors work with the décor? You could aim for doors with very little in the way of detail but which is subtle yet elegant, and you can even have them grooved so you get a three-panel effect giving it a stylish, modern look. All our walnut interior doors come with a finish to enhance the grain, so choose whatever you think will go with your colour scheme and furnishings.

How about a more traditional room?

If you love a more classic look with walnut furniture then walnut interior doors are going to really complement the overall effect. You can also complement the original features of a much older house with modern furniture and walnut doors, so old meets new without having to bow too much to the historic features.

Walnut helps you to create a more classic and traditional feel but also helps to integrate more modern elements. You can have a door in a classic style or a more modern one which can balance both old and new. Because the doors are made from such a strong wood, they can often bridge the gap between classic and contemporary, bringing history and the new together in a really elegant and stylish way.

The Replacement Door Company, for the best in external and internal doors

If you’re looking to create something really special that’s either old or new, or a fusion between both worlds, then walnut internal doors can really add something special. We have a wide selection so take a good look around our website to see our rich selection of walnut doors. They come either glazed or unglazed, with panels or without, with frosted glass or plain. They’re the classic, dramatic door so take your pick! Call us if you need advice and guidance on which ones are right for your home, we’re always here to help.



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As you know, The Replacement Door Company sells a wide range of doors in different materials in a variety of sizes and width so it suits all homes. We often talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the materials used to make our doors, and today our focus will be on timber doors.

Timber doors are a popular product and we know our customers choose it because of its ability to offer security, strength and protection against inclement weather. As an interior door, it’s superiority in terms of sound and heat insulation is renowned. It’s quite possibly one of the best materials for doors out there and has been for many, many centuries.

Why would you want timber doors?

There are many benefits to having timber doors, the first being aesthetics. There is nothing that makes a statement more than a timbre door, you can have a simple finish or paint it a colour that matches your personal style and taste, and naturally something that fits in with the overall architecture of the house.

An aesthetically pleasing door is a win-win for your home

A beautifully treated and stained door will give your house a really stunning and luxurious look. It can also add value to your property from the outside if you’re looking to sell soon, giving your home real curb appeal. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether your home is classic or contemporary, timber doors fit in any style and look good upstairs as well as downstairs. As front and back doors, you’ve got an attractive exterior that will protect against the infamous British weather and give your home instant curb appeal.


You’ll find that timber naturally insulates so it can save you in energy bills. It can also help to keep your home nice and cool in summer, whether you have doors on the inside or on the outside, or both.


If you’re wanting durability and longevity, then timber doors give you that too. Timber can last a long, long time. It can be repaired easily and in a straightforward way even if there’s structural damage, unlike other doors, serious damage doesn’t have to mean replacement.


As well as being durable, timber doors are great for the environment because wood is sustainable. It stores carbon and releases oxygen and reverses the carbon footprint. Timber is a natural material and can be used again and again to be upcycled, recycled and turned into a variety of different objects.

The Replacement Door Company – Quality Timber Doors

Are you looking for superior timber doors that gives protection and security during all seasons both inside and outside, as well giving a seriously aesthetically pleasing look to your home? Come to us here at The Replacement Door Company, one of our team will be more than happy to help. We know you love your home and that you care about what kind of doors you have to protect your family and make your home attractive, if you like timber and you want them for your home, give us a call – today.

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Fires are lethal, if you have one in your home it could destroy it, your belongings, take lives even. We believe that fire doors are a simple yet effective solution for containing them and saving lives.

Fire doors can help slow down a fire’s progress and stop smoke travelling through a building, and this can give valuable time needed to get out of the house/building safely. It also helps limit the damage by containing it.

Fire doors are a legal requirement for commercial properties

Fire doors are essential for commercial buildings, but not so for domestic property. However, if you’re concerned they’ll be an eyesore don’t. A fire door can be made to look attractive and fit in with your personal taste without compromising on safety.

Functionality and safety

There is no difference in appearance but in functionality. The materials made to create a fire door are much stronger, robust and burn much slower, which means you have more time to get out. In actual fact, an FD30 rated fire door can fight fire and smoke for 30 minutes longer than a conventional door.

If you’re toying with the idea of investing in a fire door, what is the difference between that and a conventional one?

Fire doors are a legal requirement for some domestic dwellings

If you live in a commercial building, fire doors are a legal requirement, and if you live in a block of flats which extends beyond 2 levels, or if you have a door in your property that leads into a garage, or in a house that contains at least one loft conversion you will need one.

Even if you don’t need a fire door for legal reasons – they’re still a good idea

It’s always a good idea to have a fire door in your home, especially within areas where a fire is likely start, such as a kitchen for instance, or any room where there’s a fireplace. A bedroom is also another area where a fire could break out so a fire door on this room is a good idea.

You can try installing fire doors yourself, but keep in mind that an incorrectly installed fire door will provide less fire resistance than a properly installed one.

The Replacement Door Company – for well-made, functional quality fire doors

Fire doors may be a little more expensive than conventional doors. However, they could save a life – yours, so if you’re in any doubt as to whether you should invest in a fire door then remember how much value you get in return. The safety of your family and your home is important, and a fire door could provide those previous few extra minutes to get out. We believe it’s a worthwhile investment - that’s why we sell them. Get in touch today if you want to find out more about our fire doors and one of our dedicated team members will be happy to speak to you.

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If you need new doors for your home, you’ll be thinking hard about which materials are best. In today’s post, we’re going to be looking at the pros and cons of uPVC doors and whether they’re a worthwhile investment for you. Read on to find out whether your home could benefit from doors made from this versatile material.


British weather

Living in the UK, you’ll be aware of the vagaries of British weather. If you live in a place where you’re battered by wind and rain frequently, perhaps you live by the sea and get the brute of the sea winds, then uPVC may be the material for you. uPVC is extremely resistant to this type of weather and it’s also nonporous, so water will simply bounce right off.

Low maintenance and doesn’t need to be treated

Another advantage with uPVC is that, unlike wood, it’s extremely low maintenance and doesn’t need staining or painting. This means that even after atrocious weather, your doors will still be in good condition, you’ll also find that it doesn’t warp or crack like wood can, so that’s one thing less you have to worry about. uPVC doors are well insulated too and extremely stable.

It’s a durable material

One thing that’s guaranteed with uPVC is that it’s a durable material that can last for at least 30 years, if not longer. With most companies, including us, you’ll get a guarantee of long life, so you have a door that’s not only inexpensive, but will also give you a return on your investment.

uPVC is recyclable

uPVC is recyclable so it won’t have a bad impact on the environment. If you decide to replace it before it’s reached its shelf life, it can be easily broken down and recycled.


It’s not particularly unique or original

If you’re looking for originality and uniqueness, then uPVC is not the material for you. It can look ugly and unoriginal and is much less flexible in terms of style and design. Unlike wood, uPVC doors can be a little uninspiring, so it may not be the door for you if you’re looking for something that speaks for your personal style and taste. It only really suits generic one style-fits-all houses, so although it’s cheap, it may not be something you want for your home.

At the end of its life it can be discoloured and brittle

uPVC doors can become discoloured and breakable at the end of their lifespan. At some point, it’ll become so broken down you need to replace it all together rather than have it fixed.

Non-sustainable materials

Wood is a sustainable product which can be replaced by replanting new ones each time one is cut down. Not so with uPVC doors, as it’s made from materials which are dependent on oils supplies which will run out at some point. Therefore, uPVC is made from non-renewable materials and this isn’t good for the environment.

The Replacement Door Company – for quality doors made from a variety of materials

Whichever material you’d like your doors made from, we can guarantee that all our doors are quality made, put together by professionals. If you want uPVC doors for your home and you’re convinced they’re right for you, get in touch and we’ll answer any queries you may have. You may have decided on another material, and that’s fine too as we have a versatile range of doors, talk to us and we can guide you towards something that’s right for you.

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If you’re choosing internal doors you want to get it absolutely right first time. You’re lucky however, because The Replacement Door Company have a versatile range of styles, tastes, finish and budget, so you can choose something that reflects all three.

Moulded Doors

These are popular and we usually provide these in different finishes too, either woodgrain or smooth.

White Panel Doors

These are great for the home they have a stile and rail construction and they’re not only strong but have sharp clean lines with a door that can expand and contract without warping. There are contemporary and natural styles which also come glazed, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Oak and Hardwood Veneer

This is a door which comes with a thin layer of wood on the surfaced which is either hardwood or oak. They look like proper timber doors but are much less likely to warp or split and as a result are far more durable. There’s a wide range of choices and styles too.

Glazed and Bi-Fold

All our doors can be glazed, or bi-folded. This can leave you with difficult choices, because which one is right for you?

Glazed Doors

These are modern and look really good and can improve the light between rooms make them seem bigger. There are different options for glazing available but they are a little more expensive.

Bi-Fold Doors

These types of door are great for functionality but are usually chosen for their style. They consist of a panelled door which has been cut in two with two panels attached by hinges and there’s a door handle that’s attached to the inner panel. This means that two sections of the bi-fold door can be folded together. This helps gives more room too when it’s folded. They’re really good for wardrobes and cupboards.


All the doors in your house will be the same size although the smaller bedrooms and bathroom maybe slightly different, although this is rare. When measuring, measure from three points on your current door. You can then start choosing your new one.

The Replacement Door Company – where the doors come in all styles and colours

All our doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes and you can also paint them yourselves. You may need to trim your doors once you get them home and we also sell fire doors, so if you need one in your home or commercial property, let us know and we can help you choose one. If you’re looking for new internal doors for your home, we’ve got a dedicated professional team to help you choose the right ones, so get in touch today.

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Are you looking to replace your internal doors? Our post today is focusing on oak internal doors, and because we want you to be aware of amazing they are. Read on and find out why oak internal doors are a really great choice.

If you’re going for a more classic look, you’ll get it with oak

This type of door offers a classic age old look with an oak veneer that adds that little bit of something else to the overall style of your home. We have a great range of oak door designs styles, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Oak doors are in vogue

Oak doors are extremely popular at the moment and we can see why. Their prefinished oak veneer is enhanced with a grooved panel look which creates a really subtle style for each room. They’re also nowhere near as expensive as you’d think, you can have the wood look without the price.

Our oak shaker panel doors are really popular for the kitchen too and really are the cherry on the cake. If your kitchen has some really impressive designs within, then this oak door is going to be a great opener.

A fantastic and truly impressive range of oak doors

We’re really proud of our internal door range and offer a really versatile choice for anyone looking to replace internal doors.

Our oak interior door styles are listed below:

  • Worcester glass

  • Worcester solid

  • Palermo glass or solid

  • Pesaro grass or solid

  • Verona glass or solid

  • Shaker glass or solid

  • Pattern 10 glass or solid

  • Riviera glass or solid

  • Rio glass or solid.

As you can see it’s an impressive range. Whether you have glass or solid panels is entirely up to you, either creates a really impressive look. They all come prefinished, so there’s no work for you to do. Once they arrive all you have to do is hang them to the door frames which is a fairly simple thing to do.

The Replacement Door Company – where great doors are made

Yes, we supply great doors. We’ve spent years cultivating our business, making it thrive. We wanted to create a door company which you could rely on, one where you get great quality doors at affordable prices. All our doors are made from quality materials, we make sure each one is tested and ready to hang so you’ll never have to worry about what quality or workmanship. All you’ll have to do is hang the doors and then sit back and enjoy them. Get in touch today and we’ll help you decide which style of oak door is the right internal door for you.

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It’s important to take care of all wooden doors, especially wooden front doors. As you can imagine, wooden front doors are the most exposed to the elements, providing protection from weather, noise, protecting your home from burglary and insulating you from cold. Naturally, if your front doors are made from wood, then they’ll be exposed to damp and cold and this can have a detrimental effect on the door. Draught exclusion is the goal then as one reliable method of keeping the cold and damp out where it belongs.

We’re going to be talking about weatherproofing wooden front doors and we hope you find it useful.

Sealing External Frame

There should be no gaps around the edge, otherwise it allows draughts in. Therefore, fill up these gaps with building foam or perhaps sand, silicone or cement. You can go over it with paint.

If there’s a rubber seal, check that it’s still working and if it does need replacing you can buy rubber seal at a reasonable price at most hardware stores. It’s also quite easy to replace.

Draught Excluders

Especially brush draught excluders that can be reasonably bought and can be mounted to the bottom of the door. They’re good at preventing draughts although perhaps not great at preventing water from getting through.

Drop Down Seals

Installed at the bottom edge of door these can’t been seen from the outside or from the inside either. These may be a little better than the brush draught excluders as they prevent water, smoke, fire, air and water from seeping through.

There are different varieties of seals and draught excluders as we’ve seen and they are all of varying price and quality. Although some of them can be used for external doors, most are used on internal ones, therefore it would probably be best to use something with stronger rubber seals on the base of external wooden doors.

Weather Bars

These are good for stopping draughts and cold coming through and are effective at draining water so it will drop on to the sill or threshold outside. Placing them at the edge of the door is best where they are at their most effective. They are also cheap to buy.

Always check keyholes, letter boxes and any other gaps you can spot. This is a really good way of preventing draughts from getting in, so if you deal with this as well as installing weather bars, rubber or drop down seals, or simple draught excluders, you should be in a position to successfully weatherproof your door.

If you need any more help with this then why not get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company, and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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Front doors are a way of entering and exiting a house, but did you know doors go back a long way, right back to the ancient Egypt. Back then they were little more than hinged wooden slabs and in India there were doors made of stone. Go back even further and the first wooden doors were built for King Solomon’s Temple.

Bronze Front Doors

As you can imagine, the Romans and Greeks were not only first to come up with the door knocker, they also used different styles of door and these could range from folding, double, single and sliding doors. They were usually made of bronze due to their ability to withstand all weathers and their flexibility. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised when you think about all the things the Romans have given us e.g. roads, heating, baths etc.

Different Doors For Different Times

Here in Britain, doors have changed over the centuries and been under all different kinds of influence, mostly Royal. From Tudor and Jacobean to Baroque, Georgian, Regency and early 19th century, doors have been plain to ostentatious, exquisitely carved or flanked by pillars. They’ve come in grain or been painted dark colours, and they’ve been either double or single ones. Door handles have been large or small, plain or beautifully detailed. As time went on the carved or plainer front door with a front porch became extremely popular, as were intricate designs such as reeded carved mouldings and geometric panelling.

First Impressions – Always Important

Doors provide more than a way of entering or leaving a building, they are also the first thing that people see when they visit and give the first glimpse of your personal style. Of course, they also give a firm first impression, and no doubt this would have been the case as far back as the Tudor and Baroque period. To have made so much effort with their doors, even that far back in history, is proof, if proof were needed, that people still cared about their homes and the impressions they made on others.

The Replacement Door Company – Quality Doors Built to Last

If you want a new front door and want to make a big impression, then The Replacement Door Company is the best place to contact. We have an expert team of door specialists who’ve been doing this for a while and know the ins and outs of door replacement. We can talk you through your options, and even if you’re not into something more ostentatious like a Baroque design, we can certainly help you choose something special for your home, one which is in keeping with the architectural style of your house.

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Do your internal doors stick? This can be a problem and it’s not unusual, in fact it’s quite common. Whatever the cause it can be frustrating, they either don’t close as they should or they won’t open and you have to push really hard from the other side. As this is such a common problem for thousands of people, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to fix your doors should they suffer the same problem.

Why are your internal doors sticking?

Before you can stop your doors from sticking you need to know what it is that’s causing it. You’ll need to carry out a simple investigation into what you think it might be. It could be hinges or jambs which may need adjusting slightly or perhaps the door itself has swollen due to humidity. If your home is suffering from damp, then this will probably exacerbate it.

Hinges or Jambs

If it’s the hinges or jambs which are an issue, then a quick fix with a screwdriver should be sufficient. You can use a hand screw rather than an electric drill in case you damage the door, and screw the hinges in again, gently.


If humidity is the cause of your sticking because the wooden doors have swollen, then use a dehumidifier, all you have to do is plug it in and that’s the hard work done, the dehumidifier will suck out all the moisture out of the air.


The damp will still need to be treated and this can be done in a number of different ways, but if you don’t treat the cause, you will be constantly dealing with the sticking doors problem repeatedly.


This can be treated with oil, soap or candlewax, it’s only temporary and you may need to do it a few times before you see a permanent solution.


this can really help, as your door may need to be trimmed, and you can do this by removing the door and sanding it before rehanging it You can then repaint and finish it afterwards.

The Replacement Door Company – Experience & Quality

Get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company if you need any further advice on what we’ve discussed. We’re always happy to help, and if you’re looking to replace internal doors in your home, then always consider us your first port of call.

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In winter, it’s likely we’ll experience different kinds of weather, which will have some impact on our homes. Hopefully, this will only be on the external part of your home, although this brings with it its own stresses, especially if there’s any damage to the roof, doors or garden.

Hopefully, your home won’t experience too much damage as a result of the weather, but your front door will probably take a bit of a bashing. You’ll need to keep an eye on them, so they won’t sustain too much wear and tear over the winter months. We know the weather can have a negative impact on your property, we’re going to be looking at the types of damage it can be prone to and what you can do about it. So, read on and make sure you’re prepared.

Cracks and Sticking

These are two common problems for front doors. Cracking is common after a drop-in temperature. We’ll bang on the central heating as the weather gets colder, and from the inside, as a result, dry air absorbs the moisture from your door. It can then cause cracking and warping. This can really impact on how your door looks, resulting in paint damage because the wood beneath has contracted and expanded.

Sticking happens when the weather gets colder and the wood in your doors contracts. This will eventually have an impact on the size and shape of the door. This means it will eventually be difficult to open and close, raising issues with security and privacy. Hinges could work lose, and of course the frame is also affected. With a weaker, less effective door, you’re looking at a replacement.

Sealing the Doors

As lower temperatures cause such problems do our front doors, there are things we can do to protect ourselves from the frost. We can add a seal to our doors, covering any gaps, and for this you can use sealing strips and/or sealing paste. This will help preserve its shape and appearance and at the same time, improve the soundproofing, stopping cold air getting into the house.

Finishes, Insulation and Tightening

Adding a finish to our doors is really helpful. We can use a wax coating, this can be very helpful in providing a barrier against moisture, avoiding warping and cracking. Always make sure the door is clean before adding a coating and allow it to dry before applying, or you could get trapped moisture. Try draught excluders for added insulation, so you can keep warmer air on the right side of the door, so you’ll be warmer within. You can also try tightening the door too, you can do this by tightening the hinges with a screwdriver.

Replacement Door – Quality Doors For Your Home

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding the topics we’ve covered today, we’re always here to help, and remember that here at The Replacement Door Company, all our front doors are made from superior, quality materials.

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Wooden front doors serve many functions, although most of the time, we only think of them as gateways, a way of getting in and out of a house or building, but a door needs to be secure, shut out noise, keep the cold out and offer good insulation. It also needs to complement the architectural design of the house as well as fit in with your personal style.

Wooden Doors – Traditional, Beautiful, Elegant

With so much riding on your choice of door, you think that sticking with wooden front doors is perhaps the best option. After all, it’s the safest most reliable way of providing warmth, security, insulation, style and elegance. Wood is the most traditional material to be used for a door, so it seems like a natural choice for everyone.

Door strength – if it’s external, you’ll need strength and durability

With all this in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at wooden doors and at the advantages and disadvantages of timber doors. Today’s wooden doors are made from different pieces of plywood or sometimes laminate, with hardwood adding support. They come with great energy efficient insulation capabilities and as they’re finished off with thick plywood you’re guaranteed a strong door.

It’s important you choose a door that’s made in this way if it’s going to be an external door. The inclement weather during the cold winter months will have an adverse impact on the wood, so it’s important to use to choose 100% solid wood for your front door or any other outer doors. That way you’ll benefit from the beauty of solid wood and have a secure door.

Are Wooden Doors Value For Money?

However, wooden doors can be expensive, especially solid wood, and if it’s been customised, bespoke, then you can add more to the final price. However, if you’re interested in the traditional aspects of wood and you want it to give you external protection, then wood is probably worth the expense. It can also warp and crack over the years and paint can start to peel. You will probably have to add the cost of annual maintenance to your wooden doors as they will need repainting and resealing on a regular basis to keep them in tip top condition.

The Replacement Door Company – Wooden Doors For the 21st Century

If you’re still undecided and you’re looking for wooden doors for your home, whether they be for external or internal use, get in touch. Here at The Replacement Door Company we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and expertise, so if you’re looking for a wooden front door, you’ll be hard placed to find anyone better than us.

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It’s important you get the measurements as accurate as possible when you’re having a new composite door, because if you don’t, a badly fitting door will cause you all kinds of problems. Poor security, loss of warmth and a reduction in noise protection will leave your home vulnerable, and it will work out more expensive as you try to rectify the situation. It’s better to make sure your door fits as it should.

Correct Measurements are Crucial

If you measure correctly the fitting of a composite exterior door, it’s always going to a much better fit. The fitting of these types of doors is complex and if you do it carefully, any brickwork or any existing wooden frames will accommodate the new doors much better.

Measuring the Width of the Composite Door Frame

Keep in mind that if you choose a composite door you’ll need to measure the width of the door frame because this type of door comes with their own frame.

Other Parts to Measure

The parts you should measure then are the middle, bottom and top widths on the both the outside and inside. If the existing door frame is made from timber it may be best to remove it completely. This will help keep the opening as wide as possible to accommodate the new door. However, if you find that the existing wooden frame will allow for the composite door to open comfortably, then it may be best to leave it, although the door may not open as wide.

Take Off 6mm in Both Width and Height

When you give your door size to the door manufacturer, take off 6mm in both width and height first. You will also find that when you come round to fitting the door, you may need to alter the hinges on the lateral or vertical planes after measuring the sides with a spirit level.

Quality Composite and PVC Doors For Many Years

If you don’t feel confident taking the composite door measurements yourself, then perhaps you should let one of our team do it for you. We’d be more than happy to do it, and that way you’ll be sure of a good fit. All our doors are of good quality composite materials and we can always guarantee excellent workmanship on each of our doors. Get in touch and we can start talking about getting your composite doors fitted as soon as possible. 

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If you’re toying with the idea of sliding wardrobe doors as opposed to hinged wardrobes, then you’re in for a treat. In this post, we’re going to be telling you about all the reasons why it’s such a great idea to have sliding wardrobe doors in your bedroom. As well as a contemporary streamlined feel, sliding wardrobe doors give you more space and room to move around.

Space and Storage

When you have hinged doors on your wardrobe it means opening the door out, which takes up room, if someone’s trying to get past then it creates problems. Furniture placement can be difficult because you must always consider the amount of space needed to open the door of your wardrobe. You’ll also find that a more traditional wardrobe with hinged doors doesn’t offer the same amount of storage space than a wardrobe with sliding doors does. With sliding doors, you can allow for more storage space within, meaning less clutter and more floor space.

Contemporary, Streamlined Look

If you have a more modern home or you’re just looking for a more streamlined contemporary look, then the sliding wardrobe doors style is an excellent choice, giving you a more minimalist feel. There’s a wide variety of different styles and colours, much of which can match any type of room décor.

As well as providing more space for furniture placement, a sliding door can be useful in other ways. If you have mirrors it can also help to make your bedroom seem bigger than it is. You can also have them bespoke, so they’re made to measure the space you have using materials, textures and colours you’ve chosen yourself.

Choose durable materials for your sliding wardrobe doors, because don’t forget that your sliding doors will be opened and closed on a regular basis. Make sure that if your redesigning the room that everything matches, ensuring all colours, textures and materials work together harmoniously.

Quality Materials and Installation

Quality is the keyword here, because not only are the materials you use to make your sliding door wardrobe important, the slider used and installation all have a crucial role to play. A cheap slider will result in breakage much sooner than you’d like and a cheap badly put together installation may result in the doors coming off the tracks, leaving you with the unappealing look of a broken door.

Replacement Door – The Best in Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Now you know how advantageous sliding wardrobe doors actually are you’ll be eager to choose some wardrobe doors for your bedroom. We can help you choose what feels right, allow for the size of your bedroom and the amount of furniture you’ll have in it, and we’ll install it for you. We can help you create a bespoke design which fits in with your own personal taste and any themes going on in your room. Contact us today so we can get started.

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If you’re choosing new internal doors for your home, then you may be having a hard time deciding which doors are best for you. Before investing in new internal doors, you need to consider your existing décor as well as your budget. The style of your home and your personal tastes are naturally going to influence your choices, and you won’t be changing them every year in a similar way to changing the colour of the walls, so you’ll need to choose well.

There is a lot of choice out there, but there are some which are particularly suited to certain properties, which might help to make your choice a little easier.

Contemporary Internal Doors

If your home is contemporary in design, then wooden internal doors are an excellent choice, you can go with either light or dark wood, any colour which ties in with the style of your home. Give your door a sleek finish and if it has glass panels, then these should be frosted or clear. If you go with a metal door then this will look great for an industrial feel, and if this is in keeping with your chosen style, then that’s great, if not, then perhaps metal is not such a great choice. Door handles should also be sleek with a minimal amount of detail.

Classic/Traditional Internal Doors

If you have a classic and more traditional style of home, then you’ll probably find that most styles of internal doors work. There are some standard designs which are great for this type of house with wood either painted in white or a colour with added warmth, complementing the style of your house. Look out for the type of timber you have in your home, perhaps on the furnishings or flooring and match your doors to it. You could go lighter or darker wood with the doors just for something a little different. You could also go with panelling which works well with traditional houses.

Cottage Internal Doors

If your home is more country than town, then you can go for some original and rustic type doors. Try doors made from large wooden planks or old panelled wooden doors with iron handles is another great idea. If your home has been renovated, then you can probably get away with something more modern such as sliding doors. With careful thought, you can mix modern and traditional for some clever contrasting elements.

A Versatile Choice of Internal Doors

Don’t be afraid to put your own personal stamp on your home because it says something about you and personal style. Take all the different factors into consideration such as the style of your property, the internal themes going on inside and your personal tastes and you should have it covered. Choosing internal doors doesn’t have to be chore, by planning well, it can be a much more enjoyable and stress free experience. 

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A fire door plays a very important role in protecting a building from fire. Its role is a passive one, and is used mostly in commercial buildings, flats and offices. A good fire door will prevent fire from spreading and keep it contained.

Fire Doors are Made Up of Various Materials

There’s a collection of different materials used to make a fire door, each an essential component to make the fire door effective. Any wrongly used components in the making of the fire door can render it useless and a potential risk.

If you have an escape door as well as a fire door, it should be correctly fitted with the right materials for it to operate effectively. You’ll also find that appropriately used signage is essential and mandatory, so when there is a fire occupants can escape safely.

Check Your Fire Alarms and Extinguishers

You’ll find that your alarms and extinguishers must be checked periodically to make sure they are fit for purpose. These checks will be placed in the hands of the responsible person/health & safety/risk management officer.

Who is Responsible For Fire and Escape Doors?

A competent person is essential for making sure fire doors and escape doors are working as they should, this will normally be a fire inspector. He will provide a report on the condition of the doors and make recommendations for improvements and any repairs.

You can go online or contact your local fire department to find out who your Certificated Fire Door Inspector is for your area.

How Often Should You Have Your Fire Doors Inspected?

The answer is that it depends on what type of building you have and who occupies it. If you are responsible for a hospital or school, then you may have to have your doors inspected more frequently due to the increase in foot traffic.

British Standards BS9999 recommends an inspection every 6 months, however keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to make sure your doors are looked after and properly maintained on a regular basis.

Make sure your staff are trained on fire safety and make sure that only a Fire Door Inspector who’s been certified can check your fire and escape doors.

Two Types of Fire Door

There are two types of fire door. The FDKS and FDKL, the first is a keep shut door, the second is a keep locked. They both perform different jobs, with the FDKS allows people to leave quickly when there’s a fire, they’re usually found in offices and corridors. The FDKL is usually attached a store room or cupboard, this type of room must be kept locked when not in use and immediately on exit.

Replacement Door – Quality Fire Doors

If you wish to purchase a fire door, then get in touch with us here at Replacement Door and we’ll be glad to go through the choices and make suggestions on what’s right for you. We’d like you to be happy with your purchase, as fire doors are so important, so don’t leave it until you have a fire.

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Your front doors can make a tremendous difference to your utility bills. If you think your front doors are for little more than for shutting the world out, then you’re wrong. When you replace them, you need to look out for thermal high performance front doors and by doing that, you’ll save money on your heating bills.

You Need Your External Door to be High Performance

High performance external doors will help keep your house warmer, they are usually made from superior materials, and when brought together provide superior thermal protection. Many external doors have triple or double glazing and may use glass panels which will help prevents heat from escaping.

What’s great is that they also significantly cut out noise. However, not all energy efficient doors are glazed, some are made from solid materials such as aluminium or timber. Today’s front doors are so well made they also fit better and therefore help to reduce draughts.

Energy Saving Doors are Graded

There will be a grading by which energy efficient doors are measured by, it is similar to that used for white goods. Doors today come with an energy efficiency rating of A to G, with A naturally being the most energy efficient. If it comes in at less than an E, then it won’t meet the current building regulations. This helps you to find the most energy efficient, without having to do too much homework, because this simple grading system makes it easier to understand which doors are best.

The U-value

The rate through which heat is lost through a door has its own name too, the U-value. It’s good news if your door has a low U-value because it means there’s less heat loss and the door is more energy efficient. If your door is going to meet building regulations, then it needs have a U-value of 1.8 or less.

Windows and Doors Together

Buy your doors when you purchase new windows as it may work out cheaper for you, whatever money you spend now, you’ll save in heating bills later through saving energy. Of course there will be other factors to consider when you buy your new front doors, such as fire safety and aesthetic appeal. Keep mind that if you live in a conservation area, then the type of doors and windows you use may be restricted, so check this out.

Replacement Door – For the Best Front Doors For Your Home

If you’re looking to replace your front doors and you’re looking for energy efficient ones, then let us help you. We have a professional sales team and all our doors are made from high quality materials in a variety of different styles and colours. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss with regards to energy efficient doors then get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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Your interior doors need to stand up to daily usage, they need to be strong and they need to be able to shut out noise from between rooms. At the same time, on an aesthetic level, they need to look good and fit in with the overall look of your home and fit in with your personal tastes.

Interior doors come in a variety of configurations and styles, and are made from a variety of different materials. The type of door you choose needs to be practical and hard-wearing yet at the same time measure up visually.

Why are you having new doors?

There may be a variety of different reasons why you’re changing doors, perhaps you’ve had a refurbishment carried out or maybe you’ve had the house repainted and decorated and you don’t feel the doors fit in anymore. It could be because of wear and tear, they don’t close properly or the locks won’t work. Whatever the reason you need to choose the type of doors you’re going to have carefully.

Different doors for different tastes

You can choose from a variety of different material and styles, from flat doors to panel ones, or ones with louvres (slats). Materials range from traditional wood, UPVC or composite. You’ll need to choose doors which are not going to swell and warp with humidity and retain their shape for many years to come.

It can be a difficult choice and getting it absolutely right is a difficult task, once you have them in place, you may be stuck with them for many years, depending on your budget.

Classic or Contemporary

If you have a traditional period property, you could go with a braced or ledged door which are especially good with country style homes or converted barns. A more modern contemporary home might look good with glazed doors, or minimalist flush ones, go for sleeker doors that give your home an elegant touch.

Folding Doors

You can have folding doors which are great for houses that don’t have much space and really work with open plan living. You can have them custom made, as you can with any doors as well as the folding ones, or you can have ones which come from a selection of pre-existing doors.

Replacement Door Company – Quality Interior Doors

Whichever type of door you choose, make sure you choose ones you like, yes they must be practical and hardwearing, but you’ll be the one looking at them every day, so choose ones which you can live with. Get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company and we’ll help you choose your interior doors, we know how important they are to you, so get in touch and let us know your preferences and we’ll see what we can do.

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When you buy a house, you may think only of the practicalities of it. The front door carries out numerous functions such as keeping out bad weather, giving you security and controlling noise pollution.

Your Front Door Should Match the Character of Your House

A front door should match your house and emphasise its character, as well as fit in well with your personal tastes and inner décor. It should be a reflection of what’s within. The front door is also a focal point, and for this reason it’s important to choose well when picking out a new front door.

Curb Appeal Matters – Let Your Front Door Do the Talking

Also keep in mind, that if you’re thinking of selling up in the next few months or years, then your front door is a major contributor to kerb appeal, so it could help add value to your property. Remember, that your door is one of the first things people see, and first impressions count, so make sure your door makes a good impression.

Your Front Door Bears the Brunt of the Weather

Because of the elements and heavy wear over the years, front doors show their age sooner rather than later, especially if they’re on a busy road. Most of the older doors are traditionally made from wood. Wood is a beautiful material for a door, however it can be vulnerable to the weather. 

Modern Doors are Significantly Better Quality

These days’ front doors are made from different types of materials that will last significantly longer. There is a vast selection from which to choose, this includes conventional wood, if you prefer it, or doors made from a mix of materials, fibreglass composites or uPVC. By using a combination of these materials, the door is protected from a variety of different things, such as weather, noise pollution and helps keep its shape.

You can buy your front door with a complete entry system, that is a door which is pre-hung in a frame, where the bottom interlocks with the threshold with the lockset and hinges as part of the system, flanking the door. All parts of this type of system are designed to work well together and are made to be energy efficient.

A Wide Variety of Quality Front Doors

If you’re looking for a new front door, why not get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company and let us help you choose the right one for your home. It can be both aesthetically pleasing and fulfil all the practical and functional needs a door should have to last over the years.

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