If you have a door that keep sticking, then as well as being extremely annoying, you’ll be wanting to get it fixed. As well as the noise, it’s also inconvenient, because you want it to open and shut normally, not stick constantly. The question is what can you do about it?

The vulnerability of older doors when they stick.

Older doors are especially prone to sticking and we’re going to discuss this today with you. Both internal and external doors can get sticky and stiff as they get older and there is a way to fix this. It doesn’t have to take long, but you need to check your door properly first, so you are able to identify what the problem is and what’s causing the sticking. 

Hinge screw check.

Firstly, check the hinge screws. These are the screws in the door and of course the jamb. Make sure there’s a snug fit and use a screwdriver to tighten them rather than using a drill, it’s gentler. If you use a drill, it’s likely that this might over-tighten them or even strip the screw holes themselves.  It’s natural that over the years, as doors are open and shut over and over again that the screws just loosen over time. 

You can also adjust door hinges.

You do this by driving a long enough screw through the jamb itself into the wall frame, and by doing this, you’ll draw both jamb and hinge towards the frame and reposition the door just slightly. See where you need to adjust by checking the door, and make sure it’s closed before you do this. Rubbing by the side jamb means you’ll need to work on drawing in the upper most hinge, if the door is rubbing and sticking near the lower side of the jamb then you’ll need to draw the bottom hinge in.

Draw in the jamb and planing the door.

Drive a screw into the jamb on the latch side and draw the jam in, so you’ll be giving the door some more space. Do this only if you’ve already tried drawing the hinges in and it hasn’t worked. You could also try and plane the door if none of the above works. Scribe the door where it’s rubbing against the top or side of the jamb. Use a belt sander to do this, or even an electric planer or hand plane. 

Removing and rehanging the door.

You may also want to consider removing and then rehanging your door. Always try to get someone to help if you decide to do this. There’ll be less potential for damage to the actual door, the frame and the surrounding wall. 

The Replacement Door Company – for a wide range of beautifully designed quality internal & external doors.

Alternatively, you can buy new doors through us here at The Replacement Door Company rather than repairing your older doors. It may well be that it’s time to replace your door because with time it may be beyond repair. If you’ve attempted all of the above and your door is still sticking, it may time for a new, more reliable door that will give you another 20 years’ worth of durability and function. Why not take a look at our versatile range of doors and then give us a call, we’re more than happy to help you pick a new one that fits your style and personal taste. Get in touch today.

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Yes, we’re looking at popular front door styles today and giving you all the information on what styles there are for you to choose from. After all, first impressions count and you need to know that what your visitors see first when they turn the corner into your lane is pretty good, not an eyesore! We’ll be looking at a range of doors, listing their unique benefits allowing you the knowledge to make an informed decision on what type of door you’re interested in purchasing.

Changing your Front Doors

There are lots of different reasons why you might choose to change your front doors, it might be because you’d like to enhance the overall exterior of your home, or perhaps the one you currently have is dilapidated and in need of repair. It’ll also give your home real curb appeal, and if you’re thinking of leaving and moving on in the not too distant future, it could add value to your property.

There are also more practical benefits to be had as well, if you’ve noticed a lot of drafts lately, then a new door can help save you money on energy costs, so you stop losing heat. They’ll help to keep air, dirt and moisture out and stop drafts in their tracks. If you have glass panels you can have natural light coming into your home, which is great if it’s a little on the dark side. 

A new door can also provide much needed security and safety, especially if you live in a place where’s a high crime rate. You can also order doors with strong locking mechanisms and door handles that don’t make it easy for a burglar to break in. Doors like this usually come with superior materials and are extra durable helping to make them almost impregnable. 

Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors offer a more traditional classic look and perform well in terms of durability, performance and style. They can look just as good in more modern settings too, so if you have a relatively new and modern build, a wooden door can fit in just as well. 

uPVC Doors

This type of door is made of all plastic but can still give security, strength and durability. uPVC Doors are more affordable than some other doors on the market and do have a great thermal ability as well as being extremely secure.

Composite Doors

Composited doors are made up of a variety of different materials which are combined using high pressure methods. What you get is a door that comes with enhanced security features, great locking systems and secure handles. They’re made to provide great energy efficiency and come with an amazing thermal insulation core. They require very little in the way of maintenance and have a very realistic wood look with an outer surface built to withstand battering by the weather. 

The Replacement Door Company – for the best in front doors.

Now you know about the most popular styles of doors, perhaps you’d like to take another more focussed look around our versatile range of doors? Once you’ve decided on what’s right for you, you can order one that fits your particular style and budget and we’d be more than happy to work with you to make sure you get the right door and that it fits all your needs, both frame and taste. We’re always here to help! Get in touch or call us today.

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Today we’re going to be talking to you about walnut doors and their benefits, both from an aesthetic point of view and one of functionality. We are biased when it comes to walnut doors because we have such an impressive range here at The Replacement Door Company, and because we’ve seen how amazing they look once they’ve been installed, and that’s inside and outside. 

Stylish and good looking doors that are timelessly beautiful.

In terms of style and aesthetics we know that walnut has a sense of timelessness that people never grow out of. No matter how modern your home is, walnut has this amazing ability to fit in with whichever type of theme or decor you have going on.  It also gives a warmth and sense of security that simply wraps itself around a room in a way that no other type of door does. 

Warm, rich with a strong grain.

It’s no wonder that it’s such a favourite with interior designers and those with a sense of style. It’s colour is both warm and rich, and it works well with other darker warm colours and just as beautifully with cooler, lighter ones. It can work with a lot of furniture and other pieces, or it can match easily with a more minimalist interior. Walnut is a hardwood with a strong grain and is ideal for either a more rustic setting or a spacious urban one. 

Resilient, long lasting and great insulation.

From a more practical viewpoint, walnut is the door that keeps on giving. Apart from its ability to please, it’s also resilient, strong and durable. It gives insulation from both noise and cold and also keeps the heat out in summer. If you don’t want to listen to somebody’s trumpet practice in the next room you can easily shut it out by simply closing the door, and cold is eliminated by simply closing the door too because walnut is such a strong material. 

Security, warmth and noise reduction.

Walnut as an internal door will help you stay warm in winter and cool in summer while giving you security too, as it’s virtually impregnable to get through once it’s closed. As we’ve seen it can also keep out noise as well as drafts. It’ll also stand the test of time as once you’ve had them installed, you’ll find they will last for years and years, unless of course you want to change them to something else. 

The Replacement Door Company - for a great stylish quality range of walnut doors.

If you’re now convinced of the reliability and style of walnut doors and you’d like to have some installed in your home, then get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company and one of our team will be more than happy to talk you through our range. We’re sure we’ll find something that suits your needs perfectly because we have such a versatile selection. Take a look around our website and then give us a call, we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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Today, we’re talking about doors, more importantly bespoke doors. Why would you want to invest in one? Well, we believe they’re well worth the investment and we’re going to be talking about that today. If you have plans for your home and you’d like to do something special with it, and that’s externally as well as internally, then why not invest in a bespoke front door?

You may have big plans.

Perhaps you’ve moved into a more traditional house, you’ve decorated and furnished it in a particular way, and you’d like the doors to reflect this. Perhaps you want something designed with a church or chapel design but made from different materials rather than wood. You may have just moved into the property and the front door is worn out and dilapidated. Why not replace it? Should you move one day you want to make your home attractive to potential buyers. And a beautifully designed entry to a home is what could potentially seal the deal, remember, first impressions count. 

And you can put some much attention to detail in your own bespoke door. Create intricate pieces that form part of the door and are exclusive to your property. If you’re passionate about your house, then a bespoke door can create the most beautiful entrance. 

Why Bespoke Doors ?

As well as curb appeal, you may be wondering what else would make bespoke doors an attractive option. Well think security, because if you invest in a door that’s strong and durable as well as attractive then you’ll be able to provide your home with increased security, especially if you live in an area with a high crime rate. If you have a bespoke made to measure door then it’ll usually be made from the very best materials and a perfect fit to boot. The dimensions will be first rate and provide security at a high level. Strong locks and hinges will be what helps keep your house safe from being robbed. 

Energy and utility bills.

Think energy and saving money on your utility bills. With a well-fitted door, you’ll be able to conserve energy, keeping your home warmer and save money at the same time. As well as conserving heat it will also work in reverse by keeping the heat out and keeping the house cool in summer. 

A door that is unique to you.

You’ll also have the pleasure of having a door that isn’t like anyone else’s. There no restrictions really to having your own bespoke door. The design is entirely up to you, and you can have it any way you like. Glass panels, decorative panels, minimal style or something more ostentatious. 

Complexity and intricacy of design and materials used will determine price.

The intricacy or complexity of the design itself and the materials used will naturally have some impact on the price, so it may cost more than a normal door. You’ll be wanting strength as well as durability and functionality. You can add layers of other materials to timber if that’s what you’ve chosen to make it more resilient, with materials such as fibreglass or steel to make it even stronger. 

The Replacement Door Company – for all your bespoke made-to-measure door requirements.

If you’re looking to invest in a bespoke door then you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide selection of doors and we can make a door up to your specifications. Just get in touch either online or over the phone, we’re here to help. 

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Oak doors are always on trend, they’re just cut a different way, shaped to match the interior zeitgeist of the moment. It’s one of the most versatile, flexible, reliable materials there is, as well as being sustainable and good for the environment. It’s no small wonder then that so many choose oak as their internal oak door of choice. It’s a simple decision based on the facts – it’s one of the most versatile materials out there.

Oak door benefits.

If that isn’t enough reason for oak to be perfect for your home, we can think of plenty more – how about the fact they offer great insulation, and we’re talking both sound and heat here. During winter it’s all too easy for heat to escape a room, but with oak, you’ve got the perfect weapon in the fight against heat loss. It’ll also provide noise insulation, meaning that if someone’s playing loud music in one room, you don’t have to be listening to it in another.

Fantastic doors that blends into your home.

It looks good regardless the colour, design, pattern or texture of your furnishings. It also compliments other furnishings really well, this means that if you have a particular trend then oak doors will fit in regardless. If you think wood is a classic material that simply won’t work with a more minimalist modern look, you couldn’t be more wrong. We mentioned versatile earlier and we meant it, oak doors can look good with any theme, period or colours you have. 

Wooden doors are strong, and oak is no exception.

They’re constructed in such a way that they give years and years of functionality without falling apart. Whatever you decide to spend on your internal oak doors, one thing you’re guaranteed is a return on your investment. They’re made for strength and stability and engineered in such a way, they won’t warp or crack with a central heating system. 

Great whichever room they close or open.

You can have an oak door anywhere in your home, because they look great everywhere. They’re popular as kitchen doors, and as we’ve already seen won’t warp or crack, so steam or heat won’t harm them in anyway. They’re great for bedrooms, bathrooms and any other room in the house. Versatility matched by durability and pleasing on the eye then. They’re great on so many levels and really add style and elegance to any room.

The Replacement Door Company – for quality oak doors that fit your requirements.

We hope we have you convinced about the many attractions of oak doors. We think they’re fabulous and we know our customers agree. If you still need some convincing and you have questions and you’d like to speak to someone, give us a call today. We have a fantastic range here at The Replacement Door Company, so why not take a look and get in touch!

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How can you care for your doors this winter? We know there’s harsher weather on the horizon, whether it comes before or after Christmas is another matter. However much we prepare ourselves for the worst winters, it’s still going to have a detrimental impact on our homes externally, such as the doors, windows or any outside accessories or garden furniture. As we are a door retailer, our main concern is naturally going to be with caring for your doors, so that’s what we’re going to be focusing on today.

We know through past experience that external door care is essential during the harsh winter months and we’re going to be looking at how you can care for both front and back doors. If your doors are wooden, they’re even more susceptible to the elements and will need to be treated – but there are other things you can do too.

Sealing the doors.

Sealing is probably one of the most important ways of caring for your doors. If gaps have started to form in either your front or back doors, depending on their age, you’ll be wanting to seal them closed. You can use either sealing strips and acrylic sealing paste. You’ll not only preserve the aesthetic look of the door, you’ll also help stop cold air coming in and soundproof it too.

Wax Coating

A wax coating could give your door an extra layer of protection. We mentioned treating your door and this can be done by using a finish that will provide protection from moisture and stop it from seeping through the door. You can use a wax coating for this will soak into the door and create a barrier that stops moisture from coming in, and it’ll also help to improve the overall appearance of your door. 

Always make sure your door is as clean as it can be before doing anything, and that it’s free from stains, a simple rub with a cloth will suffice. Let the door dry and then apply the wax. You’ll have a layer of protection for your door that will take you through till spring. 


Staying warm and keeping your home free from draughts is crucial in winter. From the inside of your home, once you have sealed and treated the outside, is try to draught excluders on the bottom of your front and back doors. You could try having better thicker doors that will be more efficient at keeping cold air out and that will also help you save on energy bills. 

Tightening those hinges.

You can tighten your doors by making sure it’s attached as tightly as possibly so no cold draughts can get through. Tighten the hinges where possible and take your time, do it by hand rather than using an electric drill and you’ll get a feel for how tight it is and not go too far. 

The Replacement Door Company – for quality doors that are always ready for winter.

So, are you ready for the winter now? Are your doors? If you’d like to upgrade to a better-quality door, why not get in touch with us today and we can help you choose a thicker, denser door that’ll take your house, back or front, through the winter and towards the spring intact, with a warmer home to boot!

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When buying external doors, you may be uncertain as to which one is right for your property. Today then, with this in mind, we’re going to be discussing the differences between wooden and composite and which ones are right for you. Both come with their own benefits and features, but which type should you go with?

Composite doors.

A door is a door, but is it? If you want your external doors to match your personality, a running style or theme or the architectural design of your home, then it does matter and it’s not just any door you need. Composite is both hardwearing and functional and a more modern alternative to wood. It has some great features that make it more robust and functional than you’d imagine with reinforced plastic and GRP. This stands for glass reinforced polyester, and this is an extremely functional man-made material has been used for exterior doors, both front and back doors for many years. 

GRP is a strong material that’s not only able to withstand whatever the weather throws at it but gives added security, so you have peace of mind when you’re away or when you’re asleep. The windows can also be re-glazed, so if you want to change your door in anyway or if it’s accidentally damaged you can repair it easily and quickly with minimum fuss.

Insulation for warmth and coolness.

As well as being secure and practical, composite can also give you insulation. They’re renowned for giving thermal efficiency and resist draughts effectively, that way you’re warm in winter and of course in summer, it will work the other way, keeping your home cool. In winter, when it is cold, you’ll probably see a significant drop in your energy bills.

Composite doors are versatile in style.

If you thought composite external doors were drab and uniform, you couldn’t be more wrong. They can easily be customised to fit in with the style of your property. So whatever kind of style, or the period your home was built, if you decide to go with composite, you’ll have something that can fit in nicely with your home without looking odd or out of place.

Wooden external doors.

You may decide that wooden doors are the way to go for you as you prefer a more traditional entrance to welcome you and your guests at the end of the day, but what benefits are there to having wood? 

Wood is good.

Naturally wood brings with it a traditional touch and with it charm and style that oozes class. They have such an aesthetic appeal and are both sturdy and hardwearing. A traditional wooden door can definitely give your home curb appeal, and let’s face it, first impressions count. Like composite, wood is energy efficient too and will help with energy bills.

The beauty, versatility and grandeur of wood.

Like composite, it’s strong and hard wearing but you’ll need to make sure you buy a quality door as this can vary from one door to another. What’s great though is that wood is environmentally friendly and also recyclable. And of course, who doesn’t like wood? It’s a material that’s versatile in that it would fit in with any style or home, whether it’s more traditional and classic in design or whether you have a more minimalist, modern place of abode. 

Wooden/Composite External Doors.

So, which one should you go with? It’s entirely up to you, as we’ve seen both come with a lot of benefits. What we can tell you is that we have a wide variety of both in a range of different styles and we know we’ll have something for you that fits with what you’re looking for. Your door is the entrance and the exit of your very special home, whether you choose composite or wood, make sure it’s a quality door and come to us here at The Replacement Door Company. Take a look around our product pages and give us a call if you have a question, we’re here to help!

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If you sense something is wrong with your door or doors, then it may be time to replace them. However, to err on the side of caution and avoid unnecessary replacement, there is a series of tests you can carry out to see if yours really need replacing or if they just need some routine repairs. We go through some of the little signs you can check out for today. 


Is the house getting a little chilly? If it is and it continues to feel like that regardless of how much you crank up the heat, then it could be time to replace your door seals. By lighting a candle and leaving it near the door, . If it flickers, it’s a sign there’s a draught coming in from somewhere. You’ll see your energy bills increase and its probably high time you replaced the seals as they may have shrunk. If you can also see the light through the sides of it and feel air coming in then it’s definitely time to either re-seal or if it’s beyond repair, replace. 

Opening and Closing

This is one for both interior and exterior doors. How they open and close is integral for clues as to whether they need replacing. These two functions are important obviously for security and privacy, and noise and cold elimination. Is it hard to close and open rather then being an effortless task? Are there any gaps, they may have warped with age and changed shape thus making them difficult to open and close. 

Warp Drive.

Warping can be a serious issue due to heat, moisture from damp and freezing temperatures. Gaps in the door can allow cold air in and like broken seals, warping can force your energy bills up. It might be a good idea then to get in touch with a carpenter and ask them to inspect your door and come up with some solutions that help avoid a complete replacement. 

Try listening to your door.

Yes, that does sound odd. We’re not suggesting you try to get deep down and personal with it and start a conversation, what we are suggesting though is to listen out for odd noises. Things such as creaking, and groaning could all be signs of something more serious. It could even lead to damaged furniture or flooring, anything that’s in the vicinity of your door and its issues. Problems like that will lead more expense in the future if you don’t deal with it now.

The Replacement Door Company – for an exciting range of both external and internal doors that last.

The Replacement Door Company – for an exciting range of both external and internal doors that last. If you think your door is beyond repair, even after an inspection, minor repair, or the expert eyes of a professional, perhaps it’s time to replace. With this in mind, we’d be honoured if you chose us for your replacement door, whether it’s a front door or an internal door, we have a great choice of doors, all made from a range of quality materials. Come in and take a look, around our website, or our website and then talk to us! We’ll be more than happy to help you make a choice. 

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If you’re considering giving your shop a redesign, then we hope you’ll be taking a look at our fantastic range of doors and coming to the shop floor to see them for yourself. We believe in the power of the high street and that retail still has a chance to shine. But in order to compete with online shopping your shop has to really stand out – for all the right reasons. You need to make it attractive enough to tempt people in, but not garish enough to drive people away. So, what are the first few important details to remember when designing your shop front?

Respect the design and the unique character of both the building and the street it sits on. When you redesign your shop make sure you make it unique but not so different it sits oddly with the other shops that surround it, or other buildings, if your shop isn’t smack bang in the middle of a town or city. 

Subtle doors that blend

You want your shop to fit in with the character of the street but to have its own fresh design as well. This can be done by following the essential overall design of the other shops in terms of signs. Keep in mind that if your shop is part of a listed building then you won’t be able to alter the architecture at all. Basically, you must try to think of your shop as one part of a larger whole (the street). Don’t think of it in isolation. 


Again, your signs should fit in with the rest of the street and not look out of place. Common sense dictates that if you’re in a street that’s situated within a conservation area and reminiscent of a particular time and era, then a large garish, blinking illuminated sign isn’t going fit in. Use materials which are in keeping with the designs in that street and you shouldn’t go wrong.


If you do feel that the street as a whole lends itself to illumination, then choose signs which are sufficiently lit to allow your shop front to be seen in a good light, but not so much that it stops you from seeing the other shops or looks out of place. 

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity may be something you consider unique to you, but it should still fit in with the building or street you’re on. You want your business to stand out for your products, services and overall business ethos and philosophy. 

The Materials

Materials, lettering and colouring should again fit in with the rest of the street your shop sits on. You still want it to stand out for what your business sells/provides your customers with. 


If you’re thinking of providing your shop with security, make sure that it’s ‘unobtrusive and restrained’ but don’t stint on it as you don’t want your shop to be a free for all for burglars and would-be chancers. 

It’s an Open and Shut Case!

Finally, the doors. Yes, your doors are what welcomes in new customers and you want ones that are easy to open and close, secure enough to keep out cold drafts, let’s the staff know when someone’s entered and keep out noise from outside. You want your customers to have a smooth, comfortable shopping experience and your doors play an integral role in this. 

The Replacement Door Company - Security, style and functionality. 

If you’re looking for a shop front door, don’t hesitate to come in and take a look at our wide selection of doors, you’re bound to find something that suits your shop and the street its on. We provide classic, traditional doors or more modern minimalist ones in a range of styles, colours and materials. Why not take a look around our website and see for yourself?

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We’re talking about the mistakes which are made regularly when fitting internal doors, and we’re also going to be showing you how you can avoid them. Fitting a new door can be a frustrating exercise and if you’ve never done it before it can be littered with potential problems. Today however, we’re hoping to iron out most of them for you, so you can have a seamless fitting. 

Once internal doors are fitted they can really give your room, or even your entire home, (depending on how many you’re having fitted) a real lift, so it’s always worth the time and effort in choosing and then buying your internal doors. 

Door frames

After that initial rush of shopping and purchasing your doors, you then have to fit them on to the door frames. You want your doors to look as good as they did in the pictures and on the showroom floor. Any little mistake can make the difference to how it will eventually look, therefore spending time on the fitting is crucial if you don’t want to mess it up. Spend the time slowly and carefully, don’t rush through it and then have to take them down and go through the whole process again.

An open and shut case

Always consider how your door will open and close before you purchase. You’ll need to think whether or not you have enough space to accommodate the particular type of door you’ve chosen. Check the direction the door will take when it opens. If you do encounter problems with the opening and shutting of the internal door, then consider a left or right hang, this could make all the difference. 

Measure with care

Measuring is always important, never guess, it’s important in getting the right fitting. Measure the frame and not the door that’s being taken down. In all likelihood you’ll need to trim the new door slightly, and as you can imagine there are risks involved. 

Do things slowly and follow each step carefully

Follow some simple step by step instructions you can find online that explain clearly how to fit your door and all the fixtures and fittings. This is especially important if you’ve never done it before.

The Replacement Door Company – Internal Doors Experts

If you’re still in doubt, don’t do it and get some professionals in. If you have any questions about what we’ve talked about today, why not contact us here at The Replacement Door Company, one of our team will be more than happy to talk you through any questions. We have a wide selection of both external and internal doors, so take a look around our website to view our versatile range of doors, and good luck with those door fittings!

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