The impact of a front door colour can be quite dramatic. It can be more important than you think and with careful consideration and a little hard work, it could give the house some serious curb appeal. It can complement your home, your style and give a distinct welcome to guests.

Maintaining the exterior of your house can be hard work, but a beautifully painted front door can speaks volumes for the people living in it. Painting your door and giving it a completely new look could give your home a real boost, making everyone who passes by curious about who lives inside.

Find a Colour That Fits in With the Front of Your Home

Try and choose a colour that fits with your front door and your home, so don’t automatically choose something that’s your personal favourite. Try and find something that really compliments colours in the wood, brick or stone of your house so you get a good fit. You could also change the front door colour to match curtains and blinds.

Harmonise Your Front Door Colour With the Walls or Landscape

You can take chances with your front door colour and go for something really different, as long as it fits in with something going on in the front of your house, so there’s some harmony with the colour.

Weather Can Have an Impact

Keep in mind that as your front door is the exterior of your house, so it can be affected by weather conditions, like strong sunshine, wind, rain etc. Colours fade over time, so choosing a bolder colour may be a better option as although it may seem bright now, it will fade with time.

Test Colours

You can test colours on the front door and see how they look in daylight, how bright do they look? How does the colour look throughout the course of the day? If you’re still happy with it and you think it’s the right colour for your front door, then go with it.

The Front of Your House is the First Impression For Visitors

Your front door is the entrance to your home and it should stand out as a focal point of your house. Make your front door as distinctive and as full of character as the interior.

Your Door Needs Special Paint

The paint you use on your front door should naturally be different from what you use on the interior doors of your home. The type of paint you use will depend on the quality and condition of your door, so choose carefully.

High gloss paint is ill advised for damaged front doors so consider matte finishes or perhaps a semi-gloss. It’s important you think it through carefully, just in case you spend money on paint only to realise you’ve bought the wrong type.

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