If you've just moved into your new home, or you’re redecorating, you may be thinking of new bespoke internal doors. It’s often the case that any new furnishings or colours you choose may not necessarily go with the existing doors.

You may have a particular theme in mind. It could be anything from a modern, urban, industrial look, or a more antique look reminiscent of a particular era. If this is what you’re working towards then perhaps the current interior doors simply won’t match, or perhaps your doors may simply need replacing due to wear and tear.

Interior Doors Edinburgh

Here at The Replacement Door Company we provide internal doors that seamlessly integrate with your chosen theme, décor and colour scheme, so that you get beautiful symmetry with doors that finish off a look perfectly.

The interior door is a necessary part of any home, its remit being to serve both as a functional entry and provide a pleasing aesthetic. On a practical level, interior doors provide protection from the cold and save energy, keeping rooms warm during winter. It’s also the first impression people get as they enter a room.

Contemporary and Vintage Style Internal Doors 

Making sure you pick the right door then, is crucial, in terms of size, style and material for your home. We have doors of different materials including wood, upvc, and many different kinds of interior doors e.g. kitchen doors, distressed/vintage doors and sliding doors. We can also provide a versatile range of colours so whatever décor you've chosen we’re bound to have something that will match perfectly.

Period Vintage Look Internal Doors

If you’re looking for Georgian or Victorian style internal doors, we can provide that too and we can source the right timbers for the job, so you get an authentic look that’s in keeping with the period you’ve chosen.

We know how important your home is and we understand how important it is to get right, so we put a lot of care and attention into what we do, making sure the details are exactly right. With The Replacement Door Company you’ve found a reliable, door replacement company with years of experience and expertise – so get in touch today.

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