When you choose a door, or doors for your home, there are many factors to consider. As you probably know yourself, it’s not simply a case of choosing one and then focusing on other more important things. Doors have different needs – they need to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, keeping out drafts and keeping in warmth while fitting in with the overall style of your home.

In this blog post, we’re going to focus on both interior doors and exterior doors and some of the things you might want to consider when buying a new one. We’ll also highlight what we can do if you come to us for your new door, which we sincerely hope you do.

Interior Doors

If you’ve chosen a particular theme or style for your home, then the doors must fit in with this so it won’t look out of place. Style is important, but so is functionality and longevity. You want it to keep warmth in and provide adequate sound insulation. It must naturally fit your style and budget, but also provide all that’s needed from a door.


All materials come with their own set of advantages. Real wood with a veneer can help against all inclement weather can throw at it and with a veneer, it’s safer against warping or splitting.

You can choose whatever finish you want and you can go for traditional wood, with or without veneer, panelled, or flush doors. Flush doors are quite plain, and are good if you want to show the style of the room without too much focus on the door, with panelling on both sides.

Foil veneer doors mimic real wood and come with a foil face that can be extremely affordable and every bit as stylish. Moulded doors are also good value and come with wood fibre and look very much like a panelled door. They also come in different weights and the heavier it is, the better the insulation.

Sizes & Door Handles

We have many different sizes including both standard and additional sizes, in case your doorway has more unusual dimensions. Fire doors are also important internally, especially if you’re converting a part of your property into flats. We supply those too, as well as door handles, which can be eye catching or more discreet, depending on the style of your room.

We can fit the door for you and sometimes it’s best to choose one that’s made of flexible materials that allow for shaving and trimming should alterations be needed.


You can buy our doors unfinished so you can simply paint them yourself, or you can have them completely furnished with the painting done for you. We can give you the door with a simple undercoat that you will need to paint over, so it’s simply a case of supplying a colour of your choice. We can also provide a fully furnished door, just let us know what colour you want.

Exterior doors

Choosing an exterior door can be more important than the ones you choose indoors, as they face the elements 24 hours a day. You may be doing a complete refurbishment of the house, or the present door needs replacing due to age or damage.

Door Frames

Frames – Your door can come with a frame or without. The frames can be made from softwood or oak and they can be painted any colour you want. Materials for your door can be either solid wood or composite.

Composite doors have a good reputation and are renowned for providing good sound and heat insulation, as well as being a little more energy efficient than other types of doors. They are almost completely resistant to splintering, denting and splitting so they are a good investment.

You can also have your exterior door made from a variety of different timbres. They can also offer durability, longevity and strength, which is exactly what you need with British weather!

All of our exterior doors pass stringent British Regulations and are all stylish and of good quality. There’s plenty of choice and you can choose whatever finish you want. You can either paint or stain it yourself, or you can let us do it for you.

Keep in mind your exterior door will need plenty of protection so a good stain for your door is crucial in helping it last the cruel winter months. Composite doors won’t have any need for further embellishment and need far less maintenance.

Whatever you have in mind, contact us and let’s see what we can do for you. 

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