Your front doors can make a tremendous difference to your utility bills. If you think your front doors are for little more than for shutting the world out, then you’re wrong. When you replace them, you need to look out for thermal high performance front doors and by doing that, you’ll save money on your heating bills.

You Need Your External Door to be High Performance

High performance external doors will help keep your house warmer, they are usually made from superior materials, and when brought together provide superior thermal protection. Many external doors have triple or double glazing and may use glass panels which will help prevents heat from escaping.

What’s great is that they also significantly cut out noise. However, not all energy efficient doors are glazed, some are made from solid materials such as aluminium or timber. Today’s front doors are so well made they also fit better and therefore help to reduce draughts.

Energy Saving Doors are Graded

There will be a grading by which energy efficient doors are measured by, it is similar to that used for white goods. Doors today come with an energy efficiency rating of A to G, with A naturally being the most energy efficient. If it comes in at less than an E, then it won’t meet the current building regulations. This helps you to find the most energy efficient, without having to do too much homework, because this simple grading system makes it easier to understand which doors are best.

The U-value

The rate through which heat is lost through a door has its own name too, the U-value. It’s good news if your door has a low U-value because it means there’s less heat loss and the door is more energy efficient. If your door is going to meet building regulations, then it needs have a U-value of 1.8 or less.

Windows and Doors Together

Buy your doors when you purchase new windows as it may work out cheaper for you, whatever money you spend now, you’ll save in heating bills later through saving energy. Of course there will be other factors to consider when you buy your new front doors, such as fire safety and aesthetic appeal. Keep mind that if you live in a conservation area, then the type of doors and windows you use may be restricted, so check this out.

Replacement Door – For the Best Front Doors For Your Home

If you’re looking to replace your front doors and you’re looking for energy efficient ones, then let us help you. We have a professional sales team and all our doors are made from high quality materials in a variety of different styles and colours. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss with regards to energy efficient doors then get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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