If you’re choosing new internal doors for your home, then you may be having a hard time deciding which doors are best for you. Before investing in new internal doors, you need to consider your existing décor as well as your budget. The style of your home and your personal tastes are naturally going to influence your choices, and you won’t be changing them every year in a similar way to changing the colour of the walls, so you’ll need to choose well.

There is a lot of choice out there, but there are some which are particularly suited to certain properties, which might help to make your choice a little easier.

Contemporary Internal Doors

If your home is contemporary in design, then wooden internal doors are an excellent choice, you can go with either light or dark wood, any colour which ties in with the style of your home. Give your door a sleek finish and if it has glass panels, then these should be frosted or clear. If you go with a metal door then this will look great for an industrial feel, and if this is in keeping with your chosen style, then that’s great, if not, then perhaps metal is not such a great choice. Door handles should also be sleek with a minimal amount of detail.

Classic/Traditional Internal Doors

If you have a classic and more traditional style of home, then you’ll probably find that most styles of internal doors work. There are some standard designs which are great for this type of house with wood either painted in white or a colour with added warmth, complementing the style of your house. Look out for the type of timber you have in your home, perhaps on the furnishings or flooring and match your doors to it. You could go lighter or darker wood with the doors just for something a little different. You could also go with panelling which works well with traditional houses.

Cottage Internal Doors

If your home is more country than town, then you can go for some original and rustic type doors. Try doors made from large wooden planks or old panelled wooden doors with iron handles is another great idea. If your home has been renovated, then you can probably get away with something more modern such as sliding doors. With careful thought, you can mix modern and traditional for some clever contrasting elements.

A Versatile Choice of Internal Doors

Don’t be afraid to put your own personal stamp on your home because it says something about you and personal style. Take all the different factors into consideration such as the style of your property, the internal themes going on inside and your personal tastes and you should have it covered. Choosing internal doors doesn’t have to be chore, by planning well, it can be a much more enjoyable and stress free experience. 

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