If you’re choosing a new front door, then you will have a few styles in mind it. Perhaps you’re considering something really special, such as glass. You don’t need to have decorative glass inserts if that’s not your thing, and many doors don’t use glass at all. 

If you’re a glass door kind of person and you feel it might add something to your front door, then you’ll be pleased to know that here at The Replacement Door Company we have a great variety of different doors with glass inserts from which to choose from.

Curb Appeal and a Stylish Welcome

A well-chosen glass door can really add some serious curb appeal to your home, making it an attractive option for would-be buyers and a welcoming site for guests when they arrive. First impressions count and a good quality front door with glass is a charming addition to the front part of your home.

Natural, Stylish, Authentic

Your front door can come in either hardwood or softwood, both work well with glass inserts. We have a variety of different designs available and whichever one you choose; it’ll add a real authentic feel to your home. It’s always best to try and choose something which fits in with the style of your house so it looks as natural as possible.

Door Design to Fit in With Your Home

Of course choosing your front door should be about something that’s just right for you, as well as fitting in with the external design of your home. Your choice reflects your personality and will shape the kind of experience your visitors have when they arrive. A particular design or shape can reflect a particular era, with a taste of Victorian mouldings or sculpted panels.

You can opt for traditional doors or modern, contemporary ones, but with added glass inserts, you’re adding a little light into your home too. And while you’re allowing light into your home, you’re also able to maintain your privacy, so you get the best of both worlds.

Different Types of Glass for Different Effects

The type of glass you choose really depends on your personal taste, and what you’d like to fit in with the external style of your home. The glass can be clear or frosted, large or small panels, or stained glass even. You may not want to allow people to see in too easily into the hallway, but at the same time allow a little welcome sunlight into a darkened hallway.

There’s no reason why you can’t have smaller panels of glass that work just as well at allowing you privacy and letting light in. You can even have bespoke glass panels, perhaps you have a stained glass design you’d like to add – and why not?

The Replacement Door Company – Quality Front Doors

Let The Replacement Door Company help you choose a front door with glass and add both light and style to the front of your home. We’re here to help, so get in touch.

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