The decision to paint your internal doors will be largely determined by the amount of detail there is on the doors themselves. There may be some detailing which makes it almost a crime to paint over, so the decision to do so must be taken carefully. Naturally, you’ll want your doors to blend in with the rest of the internal décor but it might be just as well, that if you are going to paint them, you choose doors which are simpler in design.

Trick of the Colour

You could be daring and paint the doors a completely different colour to the walls, while this is going to be attention grabbing, it could also have the effect of making your room seem smaller. On the other-hand, if you want a minimalist, sleek look and if your door or doors are in an awkward corner or at the end of a hallway you could paint them the same colour as the walls. Clever use of colour can have all kinds of different impacts, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Gloss on Internal Doors

Whether to use gloss, semi-gloss or matt all depends on the impact you want to make. You’ll find that from a practical point of view at least, gloss is easier to wipe clean, so if your internal doors are likely to get dirty quickly, then at least with a gloss finish you’ll be able to wipe the doors clean easier.

Pastels and Bright Colours

Pastel colours are fresh and look really good for a vintage shabby chic appeal, and darker colours will give a more serious, classic look. Brighter colours will always look a little more modern and contemporary and if that’s what you’re looking for then that’s great.

On the Edge

Choosing the colours of the door edges can create different effects. For instance, if you’ve painted a particular door in two different colours then if you paint the edges in the colour of the door when it opens towards you, inwards, then it will appear all one colour while it’s open.

Wallpaper and Doors

The colours you choose for your internal doors and edges will largely depend on the impact you want to make, whether that’s bright and modern, or darker and more classic. Wallpaper can give a hint of how you should paint the internal doors, take a look at the most dominant colour in the paper’s pattern and use this to guide you for the colour of the doors. This will tie in with the walls so the colours complement each other.

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