Front doors are a way of entering and exiting a house, but did you know doors go back a long way, right back to the ancient Egypt. Back then they were little more than hinged wooden slabs and in India there were doors made of stone. Go back even further and the first wooden doors were built for King Solomon’s Temple.

Bronze Front Doors

As you can imagine, the Romans and Greeks were not only first to come up with the door knocker, they also used different styles of door and these could range from folding, double, single and sliding doors. They were usually made of bronze due to their ability to withstand all weathers and their flexibility. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised when you think about all the things the Romans have given us e.g. roads, heating, baths etc.

Different Doors For Different Times

Here in Britain, doors have changed over the centuries and been under all different kinds of influence, mostly Royal. From Tudor and Jacobean to Baroque, Georgian, Regency and early 19th century, doors have been plain to ostentatious, exquisitely carved or flanked by pillars. They’ve come in grain or been painted dark colours, and they’ve been either double or single ones. Door handles have been large or small, plain or beautifully detailed. As time went on the carved or plainer front door with a front porch became extremely popular, as were intricate designs such as reeded carved mouldings and geometric panelling.

First Impressions – Always Important

Doors provide more than a way of entering or leaving a building, they are also the first thing that people see when they visit and give the first glimpse of your personal style. Of course, they also give a firm first impression, and no doubt this would have been the case as far back as the Tudor and Baroque period. To have made so much effort with their doors, even that far back in history, is proof, if proof were needed, that people still cared about their homes and the impressions they made on others.

The Replacement Door Company – Quality Doors Built to Last

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