If you’re choosing internal doors you want to get it absolutely right first time. You’re lucky however, because The Replacement Door Company have a versatile range of styles, tastes, finish and budget, so you can choose something that reflects all three.

Moulded Doors

These are popular and we usually provide these in different finishes too, either woodgrain or smooth.

White Panel Doors

These are great for the home they have a stile and rail construction and they’re not only strong but have sharp clean lines with a door that can expand and contract without warping. There are contemporary and natural styles which also come glazed, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Oak and Hardwood Veneer

This is a door which comes with a thin layer of wood on the surfaced which is either hardwood or oak. They look like proper timber doors but are much less likely to warp or split and as a result are far more durable. There’s a wide range of choices and styles too.

Glazed and Bi-Fold

All our doors can be glazed, or bi-folded. This can leave you with difficult choices, because which one is right for you?

Glazed Doors

These are modern and look really good and can improve the light between rooms make them seem bigger. There are different options for glazing available but they are a little more expensive.

Bi-Fold Doors

These types of door are great for functionality but are usually chosen for their style. They consist of a panelled door which has been cut in two with two panels attached by hinges and there’s a door handle that’s attached to the inner panel. This means that two sections of the bi-fold door can be folded together. This helps gives more room too when it’s folded. They’re really good for wardrobes and cupboards.


All the doors in your house will be the same size although the smaller bedrooms and bathroom maybe slightly different, although this is rare. When measuring, measure from three points on your current door. You can then start choosing your new one.

The Replacement Door Company – where the doors come in all styles and colours

All our doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes and you can also paint them yourselves. You may need to trim your doors once you get them home and we also sell fire doors, so if you need one in your home or commercial property, let us know and we can help you choose one. If you’re looking for new internal doors for your home, we’ve got a dedicated professional team to help you choose the right ones, so get in touch today.

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