Walnut is one of the most beautiful hardwood’s. It’s durable and elegant and adds style to any room. It’s deep brown colour with heavy grain gives luxurious and classic wood for furnishing anywhere in the house, and it can give a really dramatic look for neutral, minimalist spaces. Here at The Replacement Door Company we love walnut and it’s extremely popular with customers. It’s stylish, elegant, and it comes as no surprise that it’s the kind of wood you’d expect professional interior designers to favour when they’re refurbishing a room.

It’s a wood that’s been used for centuries and it’s been popular for any hundreds of years in homes all over the world. Our walnut internal doors are always popular with customers because they offer durability, functionality and style to every room, whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom.

So, we’ve sung the praises of why we love walnut, but why should you choose walnut internal doors for your home?

Walnut will add warmth to any room, so even if you do have white walls and minimalist furniture, the wood will add an element of cosiness, especially in winter. It’s the perfect wood for light colours too so there’s both light and dark and it’s flexible in that it looks equally good with contemporary interiors or classic.

So, if you have contemporary interiors how can walnut internal doors work with the décor? You could aim for doors with very little in the way of detail but which is subtle yet elegant, and you can even have them grooved so you get a three-panel effect giving it a stylish, modern look. All our walnut interior doors come with a finish to enhance the grain, so choose whatever you think will go with your colour scheme and furnishings.

How about a more traditional room?

If you love a more classic look with walnut furniture then walnut interior doors are going to really complement the overall effect. You can also complement the original features of a much older house with modern furniture and walnut doors, so old meets new without having to bow too much to the historic features.

Walnut helps you to create a more classic and traditional feel but also helps to integrate more modern elements. You can have a door in a classic style or a more modern one which can balance both old and new. Because the doors are made from such a strong wood, they can often bridge the gap between classic and contemporary, bringing history and the new together in a really elegant and stylish way.

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If you’re looking to create something really special that’s either old or new, or a fusion between both worlds, then walnut internal doors can really add something special. We have a wide selection so take a good look around our website to see our rich selection of walnut doors. They come either glazed or unglazed, with panels or without, with frosted glass or plain. They’re the classic, dramatic door so take your pick! Call us if you need advice and guidance on which ones are right for your home, we’re always here to help.



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