It would appear that the most popular colours are bright when it comes to front doors, and that’s great, but remember, any bright colour is going to have an overall impact on the rest of your home. Just make sure then that the colour you choose has been thought through and that it goes well with the general design, shape and look of your home.

Yellow Front Doors

A bright, fresh colour that’s popular because it has so much cultural resonance, it’s not necessarily as popular here as it is in countries in the Far East such as China. In fact, yellow is associated with safety signs and warnings, but the energy it can bring to a home is well worth the effort if you’re daring enough to try it. It certainly deserves to be as popular here as it is in China, a bold and vibrant colour that will set you apart from the rest of the street!

Orange Front Doors

Comes in different shades and is found in leaves, vegetables and deciduous trees. It sits between yellow and red and can give a striking look to any entrance. It doesn’t have to be bright, it can be a subtler shade, and sit between pale or dark surroundings, allowing it to take central stage.

Blue Front Doors

A very popular colour and can have a very soothing effect. It’s usually to be found indoors as a rule for bathrooms and children’s bedrooms. It’s a colour that fits in just about anywhere and is extremely versatile. It is also considered a lucky colour, so whether you go for something more sombre, such as navy blue, or something more daring such as sky blue, your door will certainly look stylish!

Green Front Doors

A rival for that popular blue we’ve been talking about, it’s vibrant, and associated with nature and all that’s new and lush. It’s classic and full of personality and there are many different shades available, so you don’t have to be so bold if you don’t want to be, you can choose a more conservative shade if you like. Choose one you think goes well with the house, it’s surroundings and shows off the front of the house to best effect. Don’t worry if you think you’ve chosen the wrong shade, you can always paint over it with another colour.

The Replacement Door Company – Quality Front Doors

Take any one of these colours and give your door a new lease of life. You can go as bright or as dark as you like, and there are other shades we haven’t mentioned too like red or pink. We realise these are quite unconventional colours but again you can go as bright or as dark as you wish. You may find pink is a step to far for you, and red can be a sign of danger so you may not want to be that daring yet. If you’re looking to change your door, why not get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company and we’ll help you choose the right front door – and then you can paint it any colour you like.

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