Thinking of replacing your wardrobes? If you are, you may currently have free standing ones, but are considering having sliding wardrobe doors installed. If you are we can think of a million reasons why you should. Because sliding doors are one of our most popular products, and we know how versatile they are and why so many people are choosing them for their homes. 

Rather than come up with a million reasons, we’re going to be coming up with 5 solid reasons on why you should be investing in sliding wardrobe doors. 

Oddly shaped spaces. Yes, no matter what kind of space your wardrobe door will be covering, a sliding wardrobe door will be able to slot into it nicely. If you have bespoke sliding wardrobe doors then they will easily cover any gaps and look great, and certainly not out of place at all.

Bespoke. You can also have a personalised design if it’s bespoke. You can choose to have your sliding doors exactly how you’d want them to be. Rather than just settle for standard storage and rails, you can create the kind of storage space that’s right for you. You may want more hanging room, or possibly more room to store shoes. You can even personalise the exterior with your own unique designs for both the doors and the windows.

Space. Yes, you’ll have more space because whether the doors are closed or open you’ll have more space to move around in because sliding doors don’t take up anywhere near as much room as traditional free-standing ones. No more having to worry about how much space is taken up when you open the doors to get some clothes. Plus, if you have more space inside, which you will, you can take what’s been cluttering the outside of your wardrobe and store inside your new wardrobe behind your sliding wardrobe doors.

Instant installation. You can install your sliding wardrobe doors anywhere. You could put them directly in front of a cupboard in your bedroom which can now act as an inlaid wardrobe, or in front of a cupboard under the stairs even, you could even use them downstairs in the living room in front of where you store your books.

Mirrors. Yes, if you want a mirror in your bedroom and you don’t know where to put one, then once you have your sliding wardrobe doors installed you can use a mirror by placing it on the outside or inside of your doors. You’ll have the added advantage of giving your room extra light and make the room look bigger than it really is if it’s on the small size.

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If we’ve now got you convinced of the advantages of sliding wardrobe doors then why not take a look around our website, and if you have any questions just get in touch. We’re more than happy to guide you to the best ones for your room and we can even help you with having them fitted. Just pick up the phone and give us a call. 

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