Oak doors are always on trend, they’re just cut a different way, shaped to match the interior zeitgeist of the moment. It’s one of the most versatile, flexible, reliable materials there is, as well as being sustainable and good for the environment. It’s no small wonder then that so many choose oak as their internal oak door of choice. It’s a simple decision based on the facts – it’s one of the most versatile materials out there.

Oak door benefits.

If that isn’t enough reason for oak to be perfect for your home, we can think of plenty more – how about the fact they offer great insulation, and we’re talking both sound and heat here. During winter it’s all too easy for heat to escape a room, but with oak, you’ve got the perfect weapon in the fight against heat loss. It’ll also provide noise insulation, meaning that if someone’s playing loud music in one room, you don’t have to be listening to it in another.

Fantastic doors that blends into your home.

It looks good regardless the colour, design, pattern or texture of your furnishings. It also compliments other furnishings really well, this means that if you have a particular trend then oak doors will fit in regardless. If you think wood is a classic material that simply won’t work with a more minimalist modern look, you couldn’t be more wrong. We mentioned versatile earlier and we meant it, oak doors can look good with any theme, period or colours you have. 

Wooden doors are strong, and oak is no exception.

They’re constructed in such a way that they give years and years of functionality without falling apart. Whatever you decide to spend on your internal oak doors, one thing you’re guaranteed is a return on your investment. They’re made for strength and stability and engineered in such a way, they won’t warp or crack with a central heating system. 

Great whichever room they close or open.

You can have an oak door anywhere in your home, because they look great everywhere. They’re popular as kitchen doors, and as we’ve already seen won’t warp or crack, so steam or heat won’t harm them in anyway. They’re great for bedrooms, bathrooms and any other room in the house. Versatility matched by durability and pleasing on the eye then. They’re great on so many levels and really add style and elegance to any room.

The Replacement Door Company – for quality oak doors that fit your requirements.

We hope we have you convinced about the many attractions of oak doors. We think they’re fabulous and we know our customers agree. If you still need some convincing and you have questions and you’d like to speak to someone, give us a call today. We have a fantastic range here at The Replacement Door Company, so why not take a look and get in touch!

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