If you’ve decided on wooden doors then you may be lost between two types of wood, more specifically oak or pine. Oak or pine are extremely popular with internal doors so we can understand your dilemma. Today we’ll talk you through the advantages of both, so you can make an educated decision on what’s right for you.

Oak Internal doors.

So a little about this beautiful wood first. As you may know oak is hardwood. This gives it a harder more resistant quality; oak trees are sturdy and grow slowly, and as you can imagine, you’ll get years of service out of an oak internal door. They’re both durable and long-lasting, however as you can imagine, they’re not cheap, but you will get your money back over time. Oak is darker so your internal doors will have some interesting hues and have a deeper colour than most woods. If you’re aiming for a more traditional classic feel, then oak is an ideal choice, they have a beautiful grain and the texture of oak is clear and smooth.

Pine internal doors.

As opposed to oak, pine is a softwood. It is lighter but still reasonably heavy. It’s great for shock and sudden knocks or bangs because it’s quite stiff and because pine grows quicker than oak it also costs less. Pine internal doors then are much more affordable but aren’t as long lasting. Don’t worry though because pine internal doors aren’t in the slightest bit weak and insubstantial and you’ll get plenty of life out of them. They’re light in colour going from cream to yellow in hue. The grain is smooth like oak and they’re great if you’re looking to create a light, modern look, whether it’s more minimalist or with more colour.

The Replacement Door Company – for quality oak or pine internal doors.

If you’re still finding it difficult to choose between the two, why not get in touch and we can talk it through. You might find that two heads are better than one. We have years of experience, so we’re easily able to advise on what might be best for you based on your personal taste, the décor/theme you’ve decided on for your home and the colour scheme.

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