We believe that here at The Replacement Door Company we have a really fantastic and versatile range of quality external and internal doors. We try to make sure we have a wide a range as possible, so all our customers have a wider choice. This means they can match the design and style of their homes, both inside and outside perfectly. 


If you have an old door, and we’re talking external doors here, then it may not be as strong as it once was or as secure. It may be that it would only take a certain amount of pressure to break in and as well as taking your valuables, the shock and distress this may cause, is enough to cause its own lasting damage. Internal doors offer security too where you can lock up valuables carefully in a separate room away from prying eyes and should any one break in through the front door, the internal doors will offer you an extra layer of security.

First impressions and aesthetic appeal.

If you have your front door replaced, when people come to visit, they’ll get a great first impression. The front door is one of the first thing that people see, and if you’re trying to sell your property and your door has peeling paint and it’s looking a little worn and dilapidated, it could significantly reduce the property’s value as well as giving a poor impression. This also applies to internal doors, although they’re not the first thing you see but they do make an impression and if they’ve been carefully chosen and made of good quality materials, then they’ll be an asset to the value of your property. 

Energy efficiency – and cheaper utility bills.

If you have good quality doors, both external doors and internal ones, then you’re more than likely to save money on energy bills, this is good for you and the environment. Good quality doors, both internal and external can provide insulation from cold weather meaning you don’t have to keep turning up the heat. When the weather turns warmer, they can then provide insulation from humidity and keep rooms and your hallway cool in summer. 

Durability, Lifespan, functionality.

Aesthetic appeal is one thing, but your doors need to be functional too. They need to provide all that we’ve mentioned above and be durable. The cold British weather can be brutal and making sure you have the right amount of insulation in your doors is important. This applies to both your internal and external doors. Lifespan is important, once you invest in a door, or a set of doors, you want them to last for as much as possible and get something back on your investment. We make sure our doors are made to a high standard and have a long-life guarantee. 

A diverse selection of both timber, composite and uPVC doors.

All our doors come in a variety of different styles, sizes and materials. With a wider choice you can make an informed decision about what’s right for your home. Different materials come with their own advantages and disadvantages, you can weigh up each one and then decide which one’s right for you. 

The Replacement Door Company – for the best in doors.

If you’re thinking of investing in new doors for your home, you can do no better than come to us. If you’re struggling a little with your choice, you can always call us, and we can talk you through your choices. With The Replacement Door Company all your door needs are met in one place, so come take a look!

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