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Internal Office Doors

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If most of your days are spent in the 9-to-5 office then you know how the environment you work in can have a dramatic effect on productivity and performance. Independent research tells us that improvements to the working environment tend to improve work quality, productivity and the mood of the office as a whole. 

It often takes more than simply placing a few plants around the office; sometimes complete refitting and refurbishment is needed.  Don't forget, as well, the impact that your office can have on potential clients. Quality, solid joinery can convey a sense of 'doing the job right' that can leave a positive impression with your office visitors.

Invest in Quality Office Doors

So when you come to refit your office space, we recommend you regard this as an opportunity to invest in your employees as well as your client prospects. Quality doors and joinery are an important aspect of this process and we recommend you come to us at an early stage to discuss what you would like to achieve.  We are happy to schedule the work to minimise any interruption to your business.

Internal Fire Doors

Many commercial and public premises require internal fire doors to be fitted.  Examples include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels and Bed & Breakfast
  • Domestic garage connecting doors

Certified FD30 Internal Fire Doors

This is just a very short list of some examples where fire doors are required by building standards.  We offer a comprehensive range of FD30 certified internal fire doors in various materials and designs, or we can build bespoke doors to meet the appropriate requirements.  We can also build partitions, door frames and glazed screens that conform to strict building control regulations.

Arrange a Free Site Visit

An initial free consultation and a site visit will be required before we can give an accurate quotation, so it is best to get in touch with us early in the process to avoid delays later on.  Just call or send an email to start things off and we will help you each step of the way.

Buying your doors from us

Buying your new doors from the Replacement Door Company is a simple and easy process.  This is what to expect



Select your doors from the website or from our showroom, without pressure or jargon.



Call us on 01506 651 610 or fill in the online form and we will confirm the total cost back to you



On agreement we will arrange a convenient time when we can visit to take measurements and talk about door finishes, handles and any other fittings



We will order any items not in stock and then we can give an estimate of how long your doors will take to prepare. Once your doors are ready we will arrange when to fit them at a time that suits you.