It’s important you get the measurements as accurate as possible when you’re having a new composite door, because if you don’t, a badly fitting door will cause you all kinds of problems. Poor security, loss of warmth and a reduction in noise protection will leave your home vulnerable, and it will work out more expensive as you try to rectify the situation. It’s better to make sure your door fits as it should.

Correct Measurements are Crucial

If you measure correctly the fitting of a composite exterior door, it’s always going to a much better fit. The fitting of these types of doors is complex and if you do it carefully, any brickwork or any existing wooden frames will accommodate the new doors much better.

Measuring the Width of the Composite Door Frame

Keep in mind that if you choose a composite door you’ll need to measure the width of the door frame because this type of door comes with their own frame.

Other Parts to Measure

The parts you should measure then are the middle, bottom and top widths on the both the outside and inside. If the existing door frame is made from timber it may be best to remove it completely. This will help keep the opening as wide as possible to accommodate the new door. However, if you find that the existing wooden frame will allow for the composite door to open comfortably, then it may be best to leave it, although the door may not open as wide.

Take Off 6mm in Both Width and Height

When you give your door size to the door manufacturer, take off 6mm in both width and height first. You will also find that when you come round to fitting the door, you may need to alter the hinges on the lateral or vertical planes after measuring the sides with a spirit level.

Quality Composite and PVC Doors For Many Years

If you don’t feel confident taking the composite door measurements yourself, then perhaps you should let one of our team do it for you. We’d be more than happy to do it, and that way you’ll be sure of a good fit. All our doors are of good quality composite materials and we can always guarantee excellent workmanship on each of our doors. Get in touch and we can start talking about getting your composite doors fitted as soon as possible. 

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