Wooden front doors serve many functions, although most of the time, we only think of them as gateways, a way of getting in and out of a house or building, but a door needs to be secure, shut out noise, keep the cold out and offer good insulation. It also needs to complement the architectural design of the house as well as fit in with your personal style.

Wooden Doors – Traditional, Beautiful, Elegant

With so much riding on your choice of door, you think that sticking with wooden front doors is perhaps the best option. After all, it’s the safest most reliable way of providing warmth, security, insulation, style and elegance. Wood is the most traditional material to be used for a door, so it seems like a natural choice for everyone.

Door strength – if it’s external, you’ll need strength and durability

With all this in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at wooden doors and at the advantages and disadvantages of timber doors. Today’s wooden doors are made from different pieces of plywood or sometimes laminate, with hardwood adding support. They come with great energy efficient insulation capabilities and as they’re finished off with thick plywood you’re guaranteed a strong door.

It’s important you choose a door that’s made in this way if it’s going to be an external door. The inclement weather during the cold winter months will have an adverse impact on the wood, so it’s important to use to choose 100% solid wood for your front door or any other outer doors. That way you’ll benefit from the beauty of solid wood and have a secure door.

Are Wooden Doors Value For Money?

However, wooden doors can be expensive, especially solid wood, and if it’s been customised, bespoke, then you can add more to the final price. However, if you’re interested in the traditional aspects of wood and you want it to give you external protection, then wood is probably worth the expense. It can also warp and crack over the years and paint can start to peel. You will probably have to add the cost of annual maintenance to your wooden doors as they will need repainting and resealing on a regular basis to keep them in tip top condition.

The Replacement Door Company – Wooden Doors For the 21st Century

If you’re still undecided and you’re looking for wooden doors for your home, whether they be for external or internal use, get in touch. Here at The Replacement Door Company we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and expertise, so if you’re looking for a wooden front door, you’ll be hard placed to find anyone better than us.

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