If you’re looking for a new front door because your old one is starting to look a bit tired, then look no further than our post today, which is a guide on buying front doors. Don’t impulse buy, choose carefully, because a front door should offer many different functions, functions which need to be considered when shopping for a good quality front door.

Front Doors are Better Made Than Ever

Because front doors are on the exterior of your house they are vulnerable to poor weather conditions, and are in constant use. However, the good news for those of us out to buy a new one, is that they have significantly changed for the better. There’s a selection of materials used which are much stronger and offer your front doors greater protection.

Measuring and Preparing For Your New Front Door

You need to measure the doors width and thickness when you’re replacing a door, and if you’re replacing the jamb as well as the door then you’ll need to measure the jamb too, and this will be from the outside of the moulding to the inside. Check which side the knobs are on, whether it’s a right hand or a left hand door.

Wooden Doors – Good Finish and Quality Wood is Essential

If you’re buying a wooden front door, make sure you look for ones with excellent finishes and really good quality woods. Detailing is important too as a wooden door is all that more attractive with carvings and mouldings, keep in mind curb appeal if it’s the front door rather than the back one.

Entry Systems, Insulation and Seals

Entry systems need all components from the same manufacturer, and make sure that all seals are tight. Steel and fibreglass doors will have an insulated separation and this will help to keep the cold out and the heat in, cleverly making sure the heat is conducted right through the door’s frame and skin. This really good for areas where a cold climate is imminent.

Invest in Home Security and Curb Appeal

If you find yourself buying a new front door, consider it an investment because it will serve you well in terms of security, insulation, noise control and low maintenance. If you have a good quality door with even the minimal amount of details and mouldings, you’ll give your door some excellent curb appeal which could add significant value to your property in the long-term.

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