If you’ve decided that you’re in need of a new front door, you may be undecided as to what’s right for you. At the end of the day, you must choose well as it all adds to the final curb appeal, with the potential to add value to your property. However, at the same time you should choose carefully and in your own time, because if you buy in haste, you could repent at leisure as they say. With so many styles and materials on the market now, which one is right for your home?

In our post today we’re going to be looking at which front door material is best for your home. Read on, and hopefully, you’ll be able to pick-up some hints and tips which will help you make a decision.

We’ll focus on just a few of the main materials available and see which one is most suitable.

UPVC Front Door

UPVC is popular as a material for front doors and increased in popularity during the 80s and 90s. It’s made of plasticised polyvinyl chloride and is used for a variety of different purposes as well as doors, such as window frames, plumbing and drainpipes. Because it’s so versatile and durable it’s a natural choice for many as a front door.

With a front door being on the external part of your house, it needs to be tough and it needs to be secure. What you will find with UPVC front doors is that it’s durable against all weathers, it needs minimal maintenance and upkeep, it’s cost effective, it provides noise insulation, and keeps heat in and cold out during the winter months. UPVC front doors can be difficult to repair however, and they can become discoloured in time. Some UPVC front doors are also compromised where security is concerned.

Composite Front Door

Composite front doors are made up of different elements which combine to make a really secure door, materials include woodgrain and a foam core. They help to create a door that’s built to last with no rotting or bowing. They have all the curb appeal of a timber door, and they’re both strong and durable, and that’s without the ongoing maintenance you get with wooden doors. They’re weather resistant and come in a range of colours and styles.

Composite front doors are pretty good, although it really depends on the finish, and not all composite doors are made as well as they should be, it largely depends on where you buy your composite door from.

Wooden Front Door

Wooden front doors are the most traditional and well known of all doors. They’ve been around a long time and are likely to be around for much longer. If you’re a bit of a traditionalist then perhaps a timber door is for you, they can look magnificent, and with cuts and moulds in the door have a recipe for a great statement door to add to the curb appeal of your home.

However, you must also consider the fact that they need quite a bit of maintenance and they’re prone to bowing, warping and buckling in extreme weather. We’re also talking shrinkage and rot. Therefore, as you can imagine, regular maintenance and upkeep are important, as is keeping up with paintwork and varnishing. That aside, you’ll have a beautiful door, but it really is up to you whether you’re happy to manage this side of things with a wooden front door.

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