If you’re thinking of having new doors, and our focus today is on internal doors, then walnut is a great choice. It adds such authority and class to your rooms that it really is the full stop in elegance. Walnut costs a little more than some other doors, so why would you want to invest in them?

Stylish and Elegant

As well as looking incredibly stylish and elegant, walnut gives you warmth. The deep coloured wood is perfect for warming up your rooms, as well as providing excellent insulation helping you to keep those heating bills down. They offer durability and functionality while giving your rooms a clearly classic feel. Whichever way you decide to decorate the rooms in your home, walnut doors will always compliment them.

Walnut is Flexible

It’s also quite flexible in that it can look as good in a contemporary home as it can in a more traditional classic one. And if you think that the wood is too dark, you can always go for a door with glazed glass panels, so you’re breaking it up a bit. However, even if you don’t do that, your doors darkness can easily be offset by neutral bright colours to keep some light in the room.

Traditional and Classic

You may be a fan of traditional and classic looks but walnut can fit in nicely, and perhaps not always in the way you’d imagine. You can still have contemporary walnut doors, but the traditional darkness of the wood will match the classic furniture and décor. It will also add something fresh and contemporary, bringing a traditional and modern look together in a thoroughly pleasing way.

Sharp and Modern

And if you like to keep things truly modern, then walnut can provide you with a really interesting look which you can match with modern, cutting edge walnut furniture pieces, interspersed with brighter colours. Although it has a more traditional feel to it due to its darkness, it’s still a material that can be thoroughly modern and sharp. You can keep your walls bright neutral shades or use brighter colours, or perhaps try bold patterned wallpaper.

Whatever you decide to do with your interior rooms, walnut doors will always compliment them, and add something classy to either traditional or contemporary homes. You’ll also have doors which are strong and robust, doors that will give you years of wear, and ones which will provide good insulation. They look good, feel good and give you years of pleasure. Walnut is the wood of choice for thousands of homes, so why be left out?

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