So, you’ve decided it’s time to replace your old door with a new one. Front doors make such a difference to the external appearance of your home, curb appeal is so important in making an appearance and first impressions count. This is especially important if you’re thinking of selling your property in the future.

In our post this week we’re looking at the kind of things you need to think about when buying a front door. What factors you need to consider so the exercise is a joy rather than a chore, after all you’re going to be stuck with your new front door for some time, so choosing one that’s the right one is important.


Firstly, you need to match it to the style of your house so you avoid it looking at odds with the rest of it. For example, if you live in a Victorian detached, then a modern style door is going to look out of place. A traditional more classic door will be better. You want your front door to work in harmony with the rest of your property so choosing carefully does matter.


Front doors come in a wide range of materials. The most popular are timber, aluminium, uPVC and composite. Working with these materials, you can have a classic door in composite or uPVC, if it’s designed to look traditional. It is the style that’s important, although if your home is really old, then wood is probably the best way to go. Having said that, wood can look good not just on older more traditional houses but on more modern homes too. Aluminium is one material that works best with modern homes, while composite works with older more traditional homes and more contemporary ones too.


You can paint most solid doors any colour which fits in with the design of the house. If you choose a wooden door then you can paint it in any colour and give it a good finish to seal it off. Aluminium can be painted but be careful which type you choose. If you choose a uPVC front door then you’ll have less options, with most only available in white, they are a great choice however if you’re working to a budget.

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