You’ve heard that first impressions count a million times before, but are you aware that it applies to things as well as people? Let’s say for instance you decide to sell your house; the potential buyers arrive and what do they see? A battered door, and a rather dilapidated entrance to the house is what welcomes them, and while the inside may be an oasis of calm with tasteful décor and beautifully painted walls, the impression left with buyers is the first thing they see as they approached. And it sure wasn’t pretty. So, if your front door is looking a little like it’s seen better days, what can you do?

Clearly, it’s a good time for you to consider investing in a new door, and if your house is a splendid example of beautiful architecture, then the door should match it. We think that there’s every reason you should consider investing in a bespoke door, because that way your door will be the welcoming, classy, tasteful and unique entrance your guests will love.

Why Bespoke?

A bespoke door can be designed according to your specifications, it can be made to fit in with the design of your home on the outside and compliment what’s inside too. Wood is a natural choice because there is a such a marvellous range of different woods. Hard wood is an excellent choice as is softwood. You can really play around with designs and add panels, filled in or with panes of glass if you need a little light. The aesthetic appeal of your door will work wonders for the outside of your house, and it will give you far more confidence in your home.


As well as looking good, a new bespoke door will give you functionality on a variety of different levels. It will give you insulation, noise and privacy control and security, and all this will go a long way to creating a warm, safe environment that once you shut the door, allow you the peace and tranquillity to relax and unwind.

Security & Insulation

Good insulation means you can save on heating bills as you keep the cold out, meaning more heat stays inside. A good strong door not only gives you insulation, it also provides you with security from intruders, so you know that when the door is shut it stays shut and only opens to people you trust.

Noise and privacy

If you live on a main road you may get a lot of foot traffic and this may result in noise, the sound of people talking and rushing past. A good bespoke door created with the sole purpose of providing noise prevention will give you some relief from that, and you can certainly discuss your options with one of our team if you come to The Replacement Door Company. We can help you choose something that will give you both security and privacy with a door that has the right materials and is built to accommodate your particular needs.

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The Replacement Door Company has created thousands of bespoke doors for many happy, satisfied clients and with all this experience under our belts, we know we can help transform the appearance of your home for the better, so get in touch today.

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