Today we’re talking about oak doors, and with good reason, for they are the perfect door for your home. Classy, with a touch of traditional, oak can transform your home from average to superior. Read on to find out how oak doors can make all the difference to your home and add a touch of class to any room.

Durability and Cost Effective

Before we discuss the aesthetics of an oak door, let’s look at all the practical reason why an oak door is such a great idea. For one thing, oak doors are durable and last a very long time, so the initial investment is worth it. A cheap manufactured door won’t offer value for money over time, you’ll just be left with a door that wears out a lot quicker, so it’s a false economy.


Insulation is important in keeping your rooms warm and keeping the cold out. Oak doors will help keep the heat in and the cold out once those cold winter evenings start to kick in. You’ll also find this works in reverse in keeping heat out and the coolness in once the summer humidity arrives.

Noise Reduction

You’ll also find that oak doors provide great noise reduction, so once you’ve closed it, you won’t hear music or conversations going on in another room. You can be alone with your own thoughts or your own music going on, privacy will reign supreme! This is an especially good idea if you live near a busy street and you can hear footfall and chatter easily. Oak doors will provide their own acoustic magic and help keep the noise down to a minimum.


On an aesthetic level, oak doors really bring out the best in floors, especially if you have wooden flooring, in fact they’re great in complimenting your furnishings and the walls. They pretty much fit in with whichever colour scheme you have going on, bringing out the best in whatever shade you’ve decided on.

For The Best Selection, Design and Quality.

Here at The Replacement Door Company we have a wide selection of oak wooden doors and we provide a versatile range of designs. You can have panelled doors, doors with glass panels, frosted glass, clear glass and any other type of design, perhaps a plainer one if you’re looking for simplicity to match a minimalist theme going on.

The Replacement Door Company – For The Best in Oak Doors in Scotland.

As we’ve already touched on, here at our HQ we have one of the largest range of oak doors and we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of each one. Why not take a look at our stock and then get in touch by visiting our showroom, you won’t be disappointed.

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