A front door is the first thing you see when you come to someone’s house, it’s important you choose well when you’re buying a new one. A door can be the make or break for those thinking of buying your house, because after all, first impressions count. It can significantly change how your home looks and there are a few factors to consider before buying.

Restrictions and Style

Depending on the age of your house you may be restricted as to what you have, for instance if your house is listed there’ll be certain restrictions with style, material and size. It will also need to fit in with the rest of your street, and if you have a traditionally built house, a contemporary door won’t really fit in.

Insulation, Security, Aesthetic Appeal and Guaranteed

Your front door needs to serve several functions, it needs to be able to repel noise, be secure, insulate your home and provide aesthetic appeal from the outside. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to be prepared to spend an appropriate amount on it so you get both a good design and material strength. A door that really works for your home in terms of looks and functionality. It should also come with a guarantee of around 10 years.

Composite Front Doors

is an affordable option for those on a budget, and if you want a traditional look and you’re prepared to spend that little bit more, then wood is the answer. Wood will need to be treated because it’s exposed to the elements, so treat, seal and paint. If you’re after a more contemporary and minimalist feel, then steel or aluminium are good choices.

Front Door Security

You want a door that is secure and composite is often a good choice for this. Solid timber doors offer solid security features too and are quite durable. You can go for a combination of composite and timber with timber core composite doors, and pick a size and design of your liking, one that fits in with your personal style.

Front Door Maintenance

If you do decide on pure timber for your front door, over time it will need re-painting and varnishing more than once, so it’s an investment, but one that will require a certain degree of maintenance over the years. You may also need to purchase a draught excluder for your timber door because they’re not always great in terms of insulation.

Hardwood Front Doors

is another option and is perfect for more traditional homes as it comes with such a luxurious feel to it. Hardwood lasts many years, again it will need regular maintenance as with any timber, but it you may feel it’s worth the investment in time and money.

Always make sure you have good quality locks on your door regardless of which material you use. Your front door is still the way in for potential burglars, so don’t make it easy for them.

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