There could be a number of reasons as to why you’re choosing interior doors for your home. Perhaps you’ve recently redecorated and you’re now looking to finish things off with a few internal doors. It could be the simple case that your current interior doors are a looking a little shabby and you wish to replace them with something better.

Making the Right Choice

It can be a bit hit and miss when choosing as there are different factors to consider. Today we’re going to go through a few tips so that choosing your new interiors doors doesn’t have to be a chore. We want you to be able to choose your doors with confidence, so once they’re installed you won’t regret your choice.

Classic or Modern

You may be after something modern or something more classic to go with a period feel in your home. You can have a classic door or a more modern minimalist feel, it all depends on the architectural style of your home and its interiors. You want something that will complement the current décor and style without taking anything away, doors that will sit in the background but have a certain elegance.

Lots of Different Materials, Sizes and Styles

Luckily there are lots of different styles to choose from on the market as well as materials and sizes. You can have more traditional heavier timbre doors or lighter composite UPVC ones. Glazed is also another option and you can have doors with glass panels.

Measuring For Your New Doors

Your doors are hopefully of a standard size which will make it easy to find ones that fit. You can measure them yourselves by measuring the current door frame from the bottom, horizontally, at the top, and of course in the middle. The widest measurement is the one you want to keep as it will be the width you need for your new internal doors. With the height, you can measure vertically in the centre, and both left and right. The longest measurement will be the height of your new internal doors so make sure you keep a record of this. You can make small adjustments if they don’t fit exactly.

Wooden Internal Doors

If you choose wood, what should you look out for? It will largely depend on the type of appearance you’re after, most internal doors are made out of walnut, oak and pine. There is also hardwood and softwood to choose from. Both softwood and hardwood will have a different appearance.

Oak – light in colour and both strong and durable, a popular wood it gives a really beautiful appearance.

Pine – Light again, and this type of wood resists both swelling and shrinkage. It’s a little less expensive than hardwood, and it’s an attractive softwood for your home.

Walnut – strong, dark wood but it can vary and give a lighter more yellow, lighter brown shade. It’s a hardwood and it’s strong with beautiful graining.

Hardwoods come from deciduous trees and isn’t harder than softwood despite its name. Softwood comes from coniferous trees and can be just as strong. If you don’t see the wood described in any detail it may be that it’s a mix of hardwoods or softwoods.

Finished or Pre-finished

Your interior doors will come either finished or pre-finished. If your doors are unfinished they will need to be treated and have a protective coating added, you’ll also need to wax or paint, varnish or stain them. So, figure this in when you buy them, the price may be cheaper when they’re unfinished, but there’ll be extra cost when you have to treat them. Obviously with prefinished doors they’re ready to put up immediately, they will have been varnished and painted beforehand which although expensive, will save you time.

Painting, Finishing – The Final Step

When painting and finishing your unfinished doors, if this is what you decide on, you can choose from between oil based paints, which are hard-wearing or a breathable paint. To finish off your door try a semi or high-gloss paint, they’ll give a gorgeously elegant sheen to your doors.

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