How are you going to prepare your front door for winter? After all we could be up for some serious winter weather, with the ubiquitous wind and rain. There’s only one way you can protect your doors, and that’s by prevention rather than cure, making sure they’re well taken care of and in good condition.

Check your doors from top to bottom to see what needs work, check the draught-proofing, the keyholes even and the letterboxes. Doors can stick sometimes, especially as the temperature can change and the wood contracts and expands. This can make a door change in size and shape which can affect the measurements. This will eventually lead to sticking with the door eventually loosening itself from the hinges.

Front Door Cracks

Inspect for cracks. Wood can crack quite easily, especially when it’s exposed to humidity which is a result of either interior heat generated from inside your home, or externally, from changing temperatures outside. Cracks in your door won’t necessarily stop it from working effectively, but it can affect its appearance.

Sticking or Cracking

As well as dealing with problems arising from humidity in the summer months, cold weather is on the horizon, and with this in mind, you should prepare your door. Once you’ve dealt with any sticking or cracking, by applying sealant you’ll help your front door last longer. If you have cracks or any gaps around the door then use some sealing strips and acrylic sealing paste. This will help not only with keeping your home warm, preventing cold air from getting in, but it’ll also provide better soundproofing and improve the aesthetics of your door.

Front Door Insulation

You can improve insulation greatly as well as preventing cold air from getting through. You can apply draught excluders along the bottom of the door and at the sides. Although more drastic, if your door isn’t providing much in the way of warmth, you could upgrade to a thicker one that keeps warm air in without letting it escape.

Front Door Finish

As well as sealing your door you could finish it too. This way you can protect the wood from moisture. A coat of wax is good for this as it creates a barrier between the moisture in the door and any dry air. It’ll also give your door a more refreshing look.

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