Today we’re taking a look at interior design trends for 2018, so if you’re thinking of buying some interior doors within the next few weeks or months, then this post should be helpful. We always like to keep our customers in the know when it comes to particular styles or trends.

Getting all the elements right isn’t easy, and whatever theme or set of ideas you go with, you want your doors to play an integral part in all of that. Interior doors don’t have to be added as an afterthought though, they can give your home that full stop to every room that helps complete the overall look, giving your home a seamless finish.

Bold Colours

Colours are big in 2018, so if you’ve been into neutral colour so far, will you be daring enough to choose something bolder? You could keep your walls a light colour but choose doors which add a splash of colour. Blues, greens and reds are all possible and could give your rooms a certain vibrancy. Add accessories in equally bold colours and create something that bit more daring.

Mixed Finishes, Wood and Metals

Mixed finishes are going to be in vogue this year, with metals and wood, or different types of metals all working together. You could have some solid wooden doors and have copper, bronze accessories, or brass and gold, something which compliments the wood grain in the doors.

Make Your Room a Haven of Peace, a Place That Makes you Feel Good

There’s going to be more originality in interiors too this year, with a move away from generic rooms, with ideas taken from magazines and based more on personal taste. It’ll be all about how a room makes you feel, not about how it looks to other people. So, choose doors that match your room and your personality, and how you want them to make you feel, rather than whether they match a particular theme.

Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories are going to be in. This could be anything from a few little showpieces to one large centrepiece. Which era will you choose? Perhaps you’re going to go with art deco or maybe Victorian? You could have vintage doors or reproduced, something with a touch of the era you’re working with. Keep everything else modern if you wish, you don’t have to have an entire room or the rest of your home exactly the same.

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