You need doors but perhaps you’ve only been thinking of timber external doors. There are alternatives to wood and composite is a more than excellent one. If you’re yet to be convinced, then today our post might make you feel differently about this versatile material. We’re going to be talking about the benefits of composite doors so read on and hopefully you’ll be convinced by the time you’ve finished reading.

Composite Doors Can Look Every Bit as Authentic and Stylish as a Traditional Timber Door

Afraid they look cheap? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, if you give your composite door a woodgrain exterior you’ll have a traditional looking door but with modern materials. We have a versatile range of designs here at The Replacement Door Company therefore you’re more than likely to get an expensive looking door but for less.

Functional and Durable

Composite doors are a great choice because they’re both functional and durable, and very strong. They come with a foam core which acts as an insulator and combined with a really strong outer frame, they make for strong and reliable doors. If you’re looking for a door that will give you sound and energy insulation as well as security, then a composite door is by far the best choice.

Great Insulation So You’re Always Warm and Cosy

As we’ve already mentioned composite doors are great insulators, heat can’t escape and cold can’t get inside so you’ll not only have a warm home, you’ll also have cheaper energy bills. You’ll have a warm, secure home that keeps the cold out and the warmth inside as well as providing a strong exterior protection from potential burglars.

Forget The Noise

Because composite doors are so strong they can block out a substantial amount of noise as well as keeping the cold out. Therefore, if you live in a busy street, and with heavy foot traffic, then a composite door is the answer. Noise is significantly reduced so you can have a quiet home devoid of loud noises from traffic and footfall.

The Replacement Door Company – For Stylish, Good Quality Composite Doors Scotland

Have we got you convinced? We certainly hope so, and you’ll be pleased to know that here at The Replacement Door Company, we have a versatile and stylish range of composite doors, you can have them plain for you to paint yourself at home, or you can have them ready made and ready to fit. We’re here to help, so please give us a call and one of the team will talk you through your choices.

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