If you sense something is wrong with your door or doors, then it may be time to replace them. However, to err on the side of caution and avoid unnecessary replacement, there is a series of tests you can carry out to see if yours really need replacing or if they just need some routine repairs. We go through some of the little signs you can check out for today. 


Is the house getting a little chilly? If it is and it continues to feel like that regardless of how much you crank up the heat, then it could be time to replace your door seals. By lighting a candle and leaving it near the door, . If it flickers, it’s a sign there’s a draught coming in from somewhere. You’ll see your energy bills increase and its probably high time you replaced the seals as they may have shrunk. If you can also see the light through the sides of it and feel air coming in then it’s definitely time to either re-seal or if it’s beyond repair, replace. 

Opening and Closing

This is one for both interior and exterior doors. How they open and close is integral for clues as to whether they need replacing. These two functions are important obviously for security and privacy, and noise and cold elimination. Is it hard to close and open rather then being an effortless task? Are there any gaps, they may have warped with age and changed shape thus making them difficult to open and close. 

Warp Drive.

Warping can be a serious issue due to heat, moisture from damp and freezing temperatures. Gaps in the door can allow cold air in and like broken seals, warping can force your energy bills up. It might be a good idea then to get in touch with a carpenter and ask them to inspect your door and come up with some solutions that help avoid a complete replacement. 

Try listening to your door.

Yes, that does sound odd. We’re not suggesting you try to get deep down and personal with it and start a conversation, what we are suggesting though is to listen out for odd noises. Things such as creaking, and groaning could all be signs of something more serious. It could even lead to damaged furniture or flooring, anything that’s in the vicinity of your door and its issues. Problems like that will lead more expense in the future if you don’t deal with it now.

The Replacement Door Company – for an exciting range of both external and internal doors that last.

The Replacement Door Company – for an exciting range of both external and internal doors that last. If you think your door is beyond repair, even after an inspection, minor repair, or the expert eyes of a professional, perhaps it’s time to replace. With this in mind, we’d be honoured if you chose us for your replacement door, whether it’s a front door or an internal door, we have a great choice of doors, all made from a range of quality materials. Come in and take a look, around our website, or our website and then talk to us! We’ll be more than happy to help you make a choice. 

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