If you’re considering giving your shop a redesign, then we hope you’ll be taking a look at our fantastic range of doors and coming to the shop floor to see them for yourself. We believe in the power of the high street and that retail still has a chance to shine. But in order to compete with online shopping your shop has to really stand out – for all the right reasons. You need to make it attractive enough to tempt people in, but not garish enough to drive people away. So, what are the first few important details to remember when designing your shop front?

Respect the design and the unique character of both the building and the street it sits on. When you redesign your shop make sure you make it unique but not so different it sits oddly with the other shops that surround it, or other buildings, if your shop isn’t smack bang in the middle of a town or city. 

Subtle doors that blend

You want your shop to fit in with the character of the street but to have its own fresh design as well. This can be done by following the essential overall design of the other shops in terms of signs. Keep in mind that if your shop is part of a listed building then you won’t be able to alter the architecture at all. Basically, you must try to think of your shop as one part of a larger whole (the street). Don’t think of it in isolation. 


Again, your signs should fit in with the rest of the street and not look out of place. Common sense dictates that if you’re in a street that’s situated within a conservation area and reminiscent of a particular time and era, then a large garish, blinking illuminated sign isn’t going fit in. Use materials which are in keeping with the designs in that street and you shouldn’t go wrong.


If you do feel that the street as a whole lends itself to illumination, then choose signs which are sufficiently lit to allow your shop front to be seen in a good light, but not so much that it stops you from seeing the other shops or looks out of place. 

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity may be something you consider unique to you, but it should still fit in with the building or street you’re on. You want your business to stand out for your products, services and overall business ethos and philosophy. 

The Materials

Materials, lettering and colouring should again fit in with the rest of the street your shop sits on. You still want it to stand out for what your business sells/provides your customers with. 


If you’re thinking of providing your shop with security, make sure that it’s ‘unobtrusive and restrained’ but don’t stint on it as you don’t want your shop to be a free for all for burglars and would-be chancers. 

It’s an Open and Shut Case!

Finally, the doors. Yes, your doors are what welcomes in new customers and you want ones that are easy to open and close, secure enough to keep out cold drafts, let’s the staff know when someone’s entered and keep out noise from outside. You want your customers to have a smooth, comfortable shopping experience and your doors play an integral role in this. 

The Replacement Door Company - Security, style and functionality. 

If you’re looking for a shop front door, don’t hesitate to come in and take a look at our wide selection of doors, you’re bound to find something that suits your shop and the street its on. We provide classic, traditional doors or more modern minimalist ones in a range of styles, colours and materials. Why not take a look around our website and see for yourself?

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