Thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinet doors? Well, you’ve come to the right place today because we’re going to be talking about kitchen cabinet trends for 2019. We’re halfway through the year, but there’s still time to take note of the styles and colours that are currently holding sway in kitchen interiors right now. 

Style and form are as important as functionality.

Remember that kitchen cabinets aren’t just for storage, they’re the first thing people see when they enter your kitchen, so it pays to choose something you’re going to love. You want doors that will be bring all the elements of your kitchen together, the colour scheme, the rest of the design of your current kitchen, and the general style and shape of the room. 

The right cabinets will bring all of these elements together perfectly and although their initial style hasn’t changed as much as flooring or worktops, there’s still some interesting things you can do with them. 

Curvaceous corners and doors.

Curves were introduced last year and should come into their own in 2019. Instead of square or rectangular edges to your doors, expect curves at the top, giving your kitchen a distinctive and original look. You could buy kitchen cabinet doors and shave them down at the top to form a frame over the square/rectangular shaped cupboards beneath if you don’t want to replace the entire fit. 

Ditch the open plan fitted kitchen.

Go for simple cupboard doors and furniture. Kitchens can be a bit samey, what with their fitted cupboards and doors but how about abandoning this and focussing on the form rather than the functionality of a kitchen? Open plan could be reaching its end, and some kitchens are adopting a much more rustic and natural feel, using living room furniture with the use of timber and stones with whatever appliances needed.

Mismatched materials can help create a jagged, interesting look.

There’s talk of lots of timber, jagged connections between mismatched floors using a combination of tiles and wooden planks, and also the use of different woods for the upper and lower cupboards for a slightly disjointed but workable kitchen style. 

Glass, retro, Art Deco, fluted, reeded glass.

Kitchen cabinet cupboards don’t have to be all plain wood either they can consist of glass, with intricate designs, fluted is one style that’s likely to take off in the kitchen for 2019 and are good for playing tricks with the light, showing a tantalising glimpse of what’s inside. 

The Replacement Door Company - for kitchen cabinet doors that match your internal doors

As we’ve seen there’s plenty of different styles on offer for 2019 and you can simply replace your cabinet doors without the full redecoration and still give your kitchen a beautiful refresh. If you’ve recently invested in internal doors, you might want to match your cabinet doors to them, so you have a seamless look throughout from the entrance to the kitchen within. If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, why not get in touch, and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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