What are the top 5 front door colour trends for this year? If you’ve never really given your front door much thought up until now perhaps it’s time you did. You must have heard of the saying ‘first impressions count,’ well they do, because it’s the first thing people see when they come to your house. 

If you’re thinking of selling your property soon it pays to have the exterior as well as the interior looking good. You might be surprised to know how important it is and what an overall impression it can make. Choose your colours carefully and you may find that if you decide to sell your property in the near future, it could be the one thing that seals the deal. 

1. Soft Neutral Colours.

These look good on a house with mostly white exteriors. A pale grey or soft blue is a great choice as it’s both classy and sophisticated. If you have an older, more traditional home neutral shades are a great choice, and if your house isn’t on a main road you could have potted or hanging plants around the doorway. Industrial may have come and gone, but it’s come back again for another visit in 2019, and a dark grey can really look good with exposed frames and natural materials to set it off, such as metals or wood. 

2. Bright Colours.

Great if you are considering selling your home as they’ll add some pizzazz to the entrance and really draw attention to the exterior of your home. It’s an ideal opportunity then to clear away any debris that’s been blown in, any dying plants, and tidy up twigs and branches that are hanging awkwardly on the pathway or over the doorway. Create a dynamic, welcoming entrance and your visitors will walk away with a great impression. 

3. Yellow.

A bold yet subtle colour, depending on how bright you want it, yellow is a fantastic choice for many homes/ You may go with a brighter shade in keeping with our suggestions above, or you could go with something lighter. Yellow is all about fun and gives your visitors an impression of a lively and fun interior with people to match!

4. Purple.

Shades of purple give a sense of depth and can be as bright and as deep as you want or as pale and as pastel as you like. It’s a sophisticated colour that not all houses carry well, but it probably works best with houses that have a white exterior and can give off quite a regal look.

5. Coral Shades.

Coral shades will work all year long as well as spring and summer. If you’re playful and adventurous in your choice of colours then you might want to try light pinks or blues, these colours will work in 2019 but they’ll also work any other time too and never go out of fashion. You can place a street light next to the door and show it off to best affect at night, with potted or hanging plants around the frame. 

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