Here at The Replacement Door Company we offer an impressive range of external doors that offer security, protection, and insulation to any home or business premises. In a wide range of colours, styles and materials any door you choose from us is guaranteed to be made to a high standard, not because we say they are but because our customers do – and we trust their word.

Read on and see what kind of external doors you'll find at The Replacement Door Company, we think you'll be impressed -

Wooden External Doors

Wooden external doors offers a traditional type external door for front or back. There are different timbres on offer such as oak or pine, or mahogany. Of course with the inclement British weather, it's important to find the right type of door, with either hardwood or softwood on offer, our wooden doors also come in different styles and finishes.

They come with high specifications in either classical or modern styles and in a variety of prices to suit your budget.

UPVC External Doors

UPVC doors are a popular choice for an external door because they require very little maintenance, they offer great insulation and they require no finishes or stains. They're a great choice too for back doors and make great sliding doors. They have a clean, fresh look and give a very modern feel to a premises.

Composite External Doors

This again is an excellent choice for external doors, they're both strong and sturdy, made from fibreglass which is made up of glass reinforced plastic. You’ll be surprised to know what great choices there are for composite doors in terms of styles and designs. Here at The Replacement Door Company we have a wide choice of styles and colours for you to choose from. As with all our doors they're pre-hung and like UPVC doors they're low maintenance. They don't split, rust or form splinters so once you've bought and fitted a composite door, they're built to last and should give you many years’ service protecting your homes from the elements.

Bespoke External Doors

If you've been specifically looking for a particular style of door and you've not found it yet, then perhaps this type of door will help. It could be for a number of reasons as well as the obvious ones, such as a particular style and colour you can't find anywhere else. Sometimes your property has unusual door frames, and if this is the case then you want a door that's made to measure, something that'll fit perfectly. And don't worry about the price, our made to measure bespoke external doors are at a price to suit all pockets.

The external part of your home can be spruced up with a stylish made to measure door, and as well as helping raise the value of your home, it’ll improve the look of your house tenfold.

You can choose the material, style, finish and colour, and we’ll be more than happy to create it to your specifications.

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The Replacement Door Company is a place where all your external door requirements are catered to by a team of knowledgeable experts who've spent years perfecting their craft providing first class workmanship.

Whatever type of external door you require – we can provide it and if we don't have it, we can always make it for you with our bespoke service.

Contact us now and let us provide an entrance and an exit to your home worth talking about.

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