Rather than spend a lot of time and money completely renovating your entire home in order to give it a new look, sometimes a simpler more cost effective method is better.

Bespoke Timber Doors – External and Internal

Changing your doors both inside and out is one way of improving your home without doing any drastic. Even this simple yet effective change can have enormous impact on thermal efficiency, security and fire protection, as well as what it will add aesthetically.

Bespoke Wooden Doors – All Types For All Types of Homes

You’ll be pleased to know that here at The Replacement Door Company we have a wide and versatile range of bespoke timber doors that look good, as well as protecting your home from the cold.

We provide both external and internal doors as well as specialist fire doors and doors that fold. We can also provide them in a variety of different woods.

Bespoke Internal Doors

All of our bespoke timber doors are made to the highest standard, and as with all our doors they’re made using the best craftsmanship, so your door will last as long as you need it to.

Oak – bespoke oak doors for your all your internal rooms can be designed in contemporary, modern styles. They’re robust and will withstand everything your family can throw at it and still provide the security, privacy and warmth you require.

Pine – This is a softwood and is popular as an bespoke internal door because it’s so versatile, you can have several different types, which we supply. They’re made to the highest standards and provide optimum stability for your door frame.

All our bespoke internal timber doors can be provided as FD30 fire doors for added fire protection.

External Bespoke Doors

External doors from hardwood or specially treated soft wood, you can have them glazed or unglazed, with sidelights or without.

However you choose your door, we can design it so it’s exactly to your specifications, so you get the type of door you’ve been dreaming of, one that matches your style and the architecture of your home perfectly. We can also provide pine wood doors, which make great back doors, and they can come finished or unfinished so you can stain and paint it yourself.

Bespoke Means Bespoke

When choosing bespoke front doors for your home, whether its external or internal you may want it to reflect a certain style, whether that be contemporary or classic, if that’s based on an historical design, then you’ll need it to be accurate in order to reflect the classic design you’ve chosen. Here at The Replacement Door Company, we listen and take on board what you want, and unless there are perfectly good reasons why we can’t provide the door you wanted, then we will strive to create it – exactly to your specifications.

An external door has to able to function at so many different levels:-

  • It must be able to withstand all weather conditions

  • It must be able to resist impact and be resistant to unwanted visitors

  • It needs effective insulation to keep heat in and prevent it escaping

  • You may want the door to allow daylight in, so you’ll need glass fitted into the door itself, or come with slide lights.

Here at The Replacement Door Company we pride ourselves on customer’s satisfaction, and customer service is always high on our priority list, which is followed by excellent craftsmanship and products that meet customer specifications.

So if you’re in need of a new bespoke internal or external timber door, let us know. The Replacement Door Company is THE Company to get your bespoke doors - specialist craftsmen with the customer always at the heart of everything we do.

We’re here to help, get in touch today.

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