If you own commercial premises you will be required to secure the safety of your home with fire doors. FD30 fire doors are specially made doors that provide 30 minutes resistance to fire, allowing you, your guests and family members an opportunity to escape a burning building. And that 30 minutes could save lives.

Fire can spread rapidly and if you're not prepared then the danger to you, your family and others who occupy your building are in grave danger.

Even if you’re in private residence you may want to take advantage of the safety a fire door of this nature can offer and we can provide doors like this to you if you live in private premises as well as for those who live in commercial ones. Tell us about what you want and we’ll help you choose the right one.

As you already know if you’re in commercial residence you will be required by law to install fire doors and guarantee the safety of both staff and guests.

Why Do We Have Fire Doors?

Fire kills and fire doors are made from specially created material which helps them resist high temperatures – and they also provide a means of escaping a fire quickly and safely.

A fire door must fulfil certain criteria and undergo stringent tests to ensure its safe to use before its awarded certification. It will therefore be subjected to high temperatures to make sure it can withstand hot flames. What normally happens is that an FD30 door will have additional materials too that expand during high temperatures in order to seal doors too.

Peace of Mind With Our First Class FD30 Fire Doors

We are experts in what we do and replacing doors is our business – if we provide you with an FD30 door it will satisfy all required regulations and come with its own certification.

We can talk to you about how many fire doors you need, where you want them fitted and how you want them to look. We pride ourselves on our customer service and want to listen - it's important if we want to get it right and secure repeat custom, so it's always in our interests to provide first class products.

Of course safety is always paramount where fire doors are concerned – however you're naturally going to be concerned with the aesthetics, you want the door to fit in with the style of your premises and the overall architectural look.

Style and Safety Guaranteed

We can ensure that we can provide you with different styles of FD30 doors that will fit in nicely with the style of your premises and also provide the safety and security of a good fire door.

We're experienced, replacement door specialists with years of experience at what we do. We can guarantee safety, accuracy and aesthetic satisfaction to all our customers.

Good Looking FD30 Doors That Guarantee Your Safety

Contact us and let's make a start and that way, you, your family, your guests and your occupants will be guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

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