UPVC doors are a stylish and practical choice when it comes to furnishing your home. Whether you are planning the change purely for yourself, or because you are interested in selling your home, UPVC doors will help add value to your property and give you peace of mind.

Here’s why UPVC doors are the right choice for your home.

Added security

UPVC doors are made around a galvanised steel core. This makes them incredibly strong, and extremely hard to break down. Their construction also makes it fiendishly difficult for people to pry them open using a crowbar. If you’re concerned about the contents of your home or about people trying to gain entry, UPVC front doors and UPVC external doors are the best choice for total safety.

UPVC Doors Do Not Lose Their Shape

A big problem with wooden doors is that over time they become damp and warped. If they lose their shape too much, you may have trouble closing them properly, and they may scrape against their own frame when opened or closed. This can be awkward and also produce unpleasant squeaking. UPVC doors are designed to stand up to the elements. Because they’re weatherproof they will not become misshapen over time.

UPVC External Doors Help Reduce Noise

These doors fit extremely well into their frame and are designed to close snugly. What this means is that it will be harder for sound to pass through the door, giving you a quieter and more peaceful home. This is especially useful if you live in a particularly noisy area, perhaps where there are lots of children, or in front of a busy road with cars constantly going back and forth.

Energy-Saving UPVC Doors

Because of their solid design and snug fit, UPVC external doors have great insulating properties. They help to prevent heat from leaving a room, ensuring you maintain a consistent temperature. This means that in the winter you will not be wasting money heating air which then leaves the room instead of keeping you warm, and in the summer rooms will be kept cool thanks to the cold air being retained. 

Low Maintenance

A quick wipe down and a little bit of oil on the hinges and locking mechanisms every now and then is all you need to do to keep your UPVC doors in top working condition and looking great. UPVC front doors may need a little extra cleaning than UPVC internal doors, but compared to wooden doors, they are simple and straightforward to look after.

Fantastic Quality UPVC doors, Professionally Installed

Now you know just why this type of door is perfect for your home, it’s time to get some more information on how we can help you. Contact us today to discuss UPVC front doors or UPVC internal doors.

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