Why does your shop front matter?

If you own or manage a shop, then you’ll probably have come up with an answer to that question. But let’s go over some of the potential answers. Your shop front is a high priority as it helps to establish your presence in the community for one, and helps let people know exactly what it is you’re selling. And if you’re wondering if the boom in online shopping has made the shop front no longer relevant – you’d be wrong. The shop front is still of primary importance to most businesses.

First impressions count

Of course shop fronts are as important as they ever were, allowing customers to see what you’re selling and letting them know your shop is the one to call at above all others. A well maintained shop front that’s attractive as well as eye catching can make quite an impression.

A shop front is an advert to what you’re selling. Yes, mass manufacturing and big chain retailers go hand in hand, but there is a slow but determined return to the smaller business owner who plays an important and prominent role in the community.

Maximised views of what’s beyond with awnings and recessed doorways help to bring the potential customer to the door, as well as making it look as appetising and attractive as possible.

Good shop front design is still important

Good shop front design is every bit as important as it once was – perhaps some shops have stopped trying, however, you can stand apart with well thought out and well-designed shop fronts and quality signage.

Yes – we know that many consumers now shop online, but this doesn’t mean that high street shopping is redundant just yet. Yes, you’re competing with a slick online presence, but the way you look after your physical store is every bit as important.

Never underestimate the importance of a physical presence - it still matters. It brings valuable physical interaction with consumers face to face, this can often lead to online and as well as offline business, so it’s important to take care of both.

Take care of business

Your shop front helps you to do business as well as gain more customers. As well as eager shoppers, a face to face presence also brings new business to the doorstep, with potential new contacts that could make the world of difference to you, your businesses and your future.

Maximum impact – maximum success

Naturally a great deal of thought needs to go into creating maximum impact with your shop front. It isn’t there as decoration it needs to be carefully thought out first. You need to think about a good layout, the design and the kind of characteristics and brands associated with your business. If you give this careful thought and consider your strategy, you can create a shop front with a powerful and distinct brand that is more powerful and far more effective than that of your competitors.

Your shop front says a lot about your business

Your shop front should reflect your business and your marketing strategy, modern, clean and minimalist for a technology business, a classic and more traditional shop front for a shop that trades on the past, a vintage fashion store or an old fashioned sweet shop maybe.

We can see that even though there’s a massive upsurge in businesses creating an online presence, it is still of utmost importance for a business to invest time and money in a good, well thought out shop front. You can establish your key position in your community as well as provide a tangible marketing tool that brings business to your doorstep and an advert for what unique services or products you provide.

If you need to talk to someone about giving your shop front a makeover, or creating one for a new business, get in touch and let’s talk. We like to listen and between the two of us, we can create a shop front that grabs attention – for all the right reasons.

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