If you know very little about composite doors and you’ve been advised by family or friends about how good they are, you probably need to know a little more before you make a firm decision about whether or not to go ahead and buy. They have become extremely popular in the past few years in the UK, as they’re so robust and hard wearing, and with the kind of British weather we have that’s good news.

What Does Composite Mean?

Composite doors are made from several different materials, such as PVC, steel and hardwood, and eco-friendly polyurethane foam is also used to provide insulation, keeping you warm in winter. Composite doors are therefore excellent for external use and can be used for the both the front and back of the house.

Why Would I Want Composite Doors?

They’re great for the winter and they’re especially good during damp periods. They’re low maintenance too, so you don’t have to spend too much time caring for them.

And here are some other reasons why composite doors are such a popular choice:

  • They’re strong but light and offer great security and insulation

  • They don’t swell during damp weather so they’re not prone to swelling or creaking

  • They’re more hardwearing than timber

  • You don’t need to paint them because they retain their colour, and you can just wash them as you would with your windows

  • Any glass in the door is made from reinforced plastic veneer and is almost impregnable

  • They provide great insulation.

Range of Finishes, Styles and Colours – Composite Doors

Here at The Replacement Door Company we offer a great range of styles, finishes and colours for your composite doors. They’re also extremely affordable, so you can provide both the front and back of your house with this type of door. We also have great style variations, so whatever the design of your house, we’re bound to have something that suits. Our finishes are excellent too and you can go with what you like, perhaps a wood grain effect or perhaps something more bold in a bright, block colour. And with a composite door, maintaining it will be almost non-existent, because any wood finishes won’t need treatment like traditional wood, so they’re not prone to splitting.

Ready to order your composite doors?

Here at The Replacement Door Company, we supply made to measure composite doors to your requirements. We consider good communication and customer service a priority, so we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you, we’ll take measurements and discuss style, colour and finish, and make sure that whatever you choose is in line with your budget.

Composite Doors With The Replacement Door Company

Get in touch with us, or you may want to come and visit us in person, where you’ll be able to see our composite doors in person and decide for yourself whether it’s the door for you. We think you’ll be impressed, as composite doors are so convenient, low maintenance and well insulated, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. 

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