Front doors in Scotland may be little more than a way of getting in or out of your home or commercial property, but it is so much more than that. First impressions count, and your door is the gateway not only to your home, but a tantalising hint of what lies within, whether it’s a business or a family home.

Front doors can serve many purposes as well as allowing you to enter and leave a property.

Appearances Count

Your home looks a whole lot more inviting with an entrance. You think they're just front doors, but it’s the first thing anyone sees before they enter your home. A shabby door leads to shabby impressions, a beautiful door in keeping with the architecture of the house leads to a great first impression and that’s a great start. It’s the one thing that a potential buyer will see and it could also increase the value of your home – so it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you run a business your front doors may be your shop front and first impressions really do count. Your front door will give an indication of what business you’re in and whether you’re open for business in every sense of the word.

Warmth and Security

Front doors will keep you warm in winter if you choose well. You don’t want one that let’s drafts in during cold spells and if your current door is starting to do exactly that, then perhaps it’s time to consider a new door with draft exclusion. You’ll save on energy and heating bills in the long run.

You want your front doors to give your family security, you want to be able shut the door on the world and know that your family is safe from harm. So consider the strength and robustness of your door and the materials chosen, your external doors should be tough and hardwearing with a sturdy lock.

Maintenance and Hallway Soundproofing

An initial investment in a robust well-made door will pay dividends in the long run as it will prove easier and cheaper to maintain over the years, keeping its shape, function and appearance. By choosing the right door, you’ll also secure decent sound proofing for your hallway – important if you live directly on a main road with a constant flow of traffic and people directly outside your door. Peace and quiet is something that you value when you own your own home and a good door will give you exactly that.

In conclusion then, a good quality well fitted external doors are a great idea to:

  • Increase the value of your home

  • Increase the value and reputation of your commercial property/business

  • Improve the appearance of your home/business

  • Provide better standards of warmth and security for your property

  • Provide better maintenance and hallway soundproofing.

So if you’re looking to improve your home or commercial property, starting with a good quality external doors, then get in touch. We’re a friendly and professional team and we’re always willing to help. 

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