Are you thinking of having sliding wardrobe doors in your bedroom? You may be in two minds, and you’re unsure about making a decision.

Let us help you.

We’ve put together a few reasons why you might find sliding wardrobe doors the best idea you ever had.


Sliding wardrobe doors are both elegant and stylish giving your room a sleek, polished finished. With a choice of wood finishes and either mirror or plain doors, a sliding wardrobe door can give your room a contemporary feel as well as extra space.

Floor Space

Yes, a sliding wardrobe door is great at giving you more space, that’s because without hinged doors there’s more room to move. They don’t take up as much floor space as you’d imagine either and are built into your wall with slide panels.

Storage Space

Yes, a sliding wardrobe doesn’t just give you more floor room, it gives you extra cupboard space too. You can have shelves, and a compartment for your shoes, so there’s no more clutter lying around.

Various Finishes & Styles

Wardrobe sliding doors can come in a multitude of different finishes, materials, mirrors and styles, well at least at Replacement Doors they can. You’ll be at an advantage when you see our doors, because there’s an outstanding choice of styles and colours, and it’s very likely that you’ll find something that suits your interior décor with us.

There are different wood finishes such as walnut or pine and glass finishes including patterned and coloured.

Your wardrobe will fit perfectly into the space where your wardrobe once was and what’s more, you can remove the bits and bobs collecting dust at the top and place them inside your wardrobe instead. Yes, no more clutter, more storage and space to boot.

Classic or Contemporary

You can always personalise your sliding doors to match your bedroom and you can have a contemporary style or perhaps opt for something more classic. Whether it’s a gloss finish or matt with some coloured glass, here at Replacement Door we’ll do what we can to give you the kind of sliding doors that’ll fit right in with your personal style.

Adding Value

Adding good quality sliding wardrobe doors to your bedroom is an attractive asset for potential buyers if you put your home on the market in the future. It can attract the right kind of attention if you make sure you have good quality furniture – that works throughout the house, in the kitchen, and the living room.

Replacement Door For Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If you’re still unsure or you want to talk through some of the ideas you have, then do get in touch and talk to us. Don’t be shy, we’re a friendly team here at The Replacement Door  Company and we value all our customer’s input. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your sliding wardrobe doors are exactly to your requirements, so come in and talk to us and let’s get started.

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