When it comes to replacing your doors, timber is the obvious material to go with. It has a range of qualities and benefits which make it the perfect choice. Here’s why timber doors are the best option for your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber doors made from managed forests are very friendly to the planet. Trees cut down for timber are replaced by new plantings, and younger trees are better at absorbing CO2 than older trees. Because timber lasts for a long period of time, it doesn’t need replacing very often, so this reduces the amount of material that gets used in the long run. Timber doors take less energy to produce than their PVC counterparts, and on top of that they are recyclable.


Being a very dense material, timber doors have great insulating properties. It is a poor conductor, which means you won’t find your heat escaping through the door during the winter. Having timber doors helps to keep the inside temperature nice and regular, so you won’t find yourself alternating between opening the windows and putting on the heating. Wood is also less prone to condensation than other materials.

Durable and Long Lasting Timber Doors

Timber doors are made with a very strong material, able to withstand a lot of punishment. And if it does get damaged it can be easily repaired. Cracked timber doors can be repaired and treated, whereas broken PVC doors will often need to be replaced entirely. When properly treated and looked after, timber doors will last for an incredibly long time. Many old buildings still have timber doors today, and they often only get replaced because the older designs are not compatible with double or triple glazing.


Timber is a very useful and versatile material that can be transformed through a range of different treatments. Wood can be painted or stained, allowing it to perfectly blend in with your home. This makes it great for both new builds – where the architect has freedom to be creative with their designs, knowing the wooden components can be altered to fit in – and for replacing the doors on an existing property.

Value For Money

Being so long-lasting and easy to look after makes timber a very cost-effective material. You are paying for a high quality product that will outlast other materials. For this reason, timber doors are great value for money, giving you the most out of your purchase, and for the longest time.

A Beautiful Finish

There’s no denying that a carefully crafted and finished timber door looks beautiful. It provides a striking finish to your home. The addition of such a timeless classic can reinvigorate the outside of your property, and will be sure to make it look great for many years to come.

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