Perhaps someone has suggested the advantages of a composite door to you? Now you’re beginning to wonder what it is, because how can you take advantage of something new, when you’re entirely sure what it is in the first place?

This is post will focus on what a composite door is and what the advantages are for those that are thinking of investing in one.

The materials that go into making a composite door

There are a variety of materials that go into the making of a composite door. Rather than comprising of only one material, a composite door is made from many different ones, all working together to make the door strong, weather proof, and safe.

For example, an outer frame will be made of reinforced steel and the door leave will be made of thermos set fibreglass skin, and this is very durable. It will be fixed onto to some water resistant composite material so your door will be incredibly versatile and hard wearing during winter months.

Insulated and weather-proof

Then, there will be a density foam core which is added to ensure that your door is well insulated. Just because a composite door is built to survive any kind of weather doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. A composite door is a beautiful thing that fits in perfectly with the design of your home.

Keep in mind that a composite door is not only waterproof, resilient and strong they are secure - anyone who tries to break into your home won’t find it easy. A composite door sold by a reputable merchant will have security accreditation PAS 023/024, so you can sleep well at night.

Composite doors also offer first class sound proofing, which means that you can shut the world out and leave it on your doorstep, knowing that once you shut the door, you can have peace and quiet.


The reason why a composite door is able to provide such excellent sound proofing, weather resistance and insulation is because of all the materials used, especially fibreglass. We’re talking thermos set fibreglass, and this is a material that’s been around for a long time. Fibreglass has been used since the Second World War and used mostly in aviation and aerospace as well as in the automotive industry. More recently it’s been used by the fishing industry, so this is a strong and reliable material. It’s resistant to impact, and has low thermal expansion, so your door won’t become warped.

Composite Doors - plenty of colours and finishes

Don’t worry that because your door is so tough and resistant that it can’t look aesthetically pleasing as well. Our composite doors are made to last, but they also come in a range of finishes and colours. You can have authentic wooden finishes that look just like they were made from wood and we have a large and versatile range of colours.

They’re also scratchproof and that means your door performs to the highest level in providing security, warmth, sound proofing and weather resistance.

Composite Doors with The Replacement Door Company

Now you know what a composite door looks like and what it can do for your home, why not get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company and we can help you choose one for your home. 

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