If you are responsible for managing your workplace then you’ll understand the importance of internal fire doors. It could save lives.

TheImportance of Internal Fire Doors

Your internal fire doors will be the most important product you add to your work premises. It can prevent fire and smoke damage, stop it from spreading, and give your team enough time to vacate the building. A good fire door can keep a fire contained to one room while giving ample opportunity for occupants to escape.

Never Force Internal Fire Doors Open

Internal fire doors should come with a fire door closer and this will make the fire door close automatically once opened. Never force a fire door open as its purpose is to contain fire, if it’s forced open it will help the fire spread. Here at The Replacement Door Company we have a versatile range of internal fire doors along with fire door closers, or concealed door closers if you don’t like them being in view.

Internal Fire Door Retainers

As we’ve already mentioned forcing an internal fire door open is dangerous and can help a fire to spread. It’s also illegal as well as being unsafe. What you can do if you need to keep a fire door open is invest in a fire door retainer that holds the door open unless an alarm goes off, when it will automatically close.

Internal Fire Doors - FD30 & FD60s

It can’t be stressed enough how important a fire door is for its ability to preserve life and protect property. It can contain a fire and protect any escape routes. Internal fire doors should be able to withhold fire for at least 30 minutes, allowing occupants to escape. FD30 doors are specifically designed to hold back fire for 30 minutes, which would allow for evacuation of the building and enough time for the emergency fire services to arrive. You can also have FD60s and so on if you want more time for people to escape.

Upgrading Your Current Internal Fire Doors

If you already have internal fire doors then you may be interested in having them upgraded. Fire doors will lose their capacity to offer protection over time and it’s in your interests to have it replaced and upgraded to a fire door with the kind of protection mentioned above.

Correct Installation of Internal Fire Doors is Crucial

The installation of internal fire doors is every bit as important as the quality and integrity of the door itself. This is why you need an experienced and qualified door fitter to install it. Find out if the door fitters you choose are members of the Accredited Fire Door Installers Scheme. This scheme ensures that those fitting your fire door are doing it correctly, and in compliance with Building Regulations.

The Replacement Door Company – For Internal Fire Doors You Can Rely On

If you’re looking to upgrade or fit completely new internal fire doors, then get in touch with us here at The Replacement Door Company. Our team are experienced, qualified and well equipped to fit any fire door you need, including FD30s and FD60. We can safely install all your internal fire doors so you have total peace of mind.

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